Standing Resolute Against Al-Quds Hate Day: Safeguarding Canadian Integrity

As a proud Canadian of Iranian descent deeply committed to the principles of freedom, democracy, and human rights that Canada stands for, I vehemently affirm my unwavering allegiance to this great nation. I stand resolutely against any attempts by the Islamic regime in Iran to undermine these cherished values on Canadian soil.

Since the Trudeau Liberals assumed power in 2015, the Islamic regime in Iran has been openly operating in Canada, exploiting our human rights laws to intimidate dissidents and exert its influence. This infiltration poses a grave threat to Canadian values and security.

Alqods Hate Day 2024, Toronto, Iran regime flag
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The recurrence of Al-Quds-HateDay, observed on the final Friday of Ramadan, serves as a stark reminder of the Iranian regime’s agenda to spread hatred and destabilize global peace. Incepted by Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic in Iran, this day stands as a testament to his legacy of intolerance and hostility towards Israel.

Despite Canada’s steadfast commitment to human rights, the government’s perceived tolerance of events aligned with the Iranian regime raises serious concerns about its integrity and dedication to fundamental democratic principles.

Canada’s reluctance to designate the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist entity further exacerbates the vulnerability of the Jewish community and Iranian dissidents. This omission overlooks the IRGC’s role in supporting extremist groups that target these populations, leaving them exposed to violence and persecution.

The plight of Iranian citizens, especially religious and ethnic minorities, journalists, activists, and women, under the current regime cannot be overstated. Political dissidents, whether within Iran or abroad, endure systematic persecution for their opposition to the regime’s oppressive policies.

Moreover, the unchecked deployment of agents and thugs by the Iranian regime to Canada poses significant security risks, not only to Canadian citizens but also to the integrity of Canada’s institutions. This infiltration threatens the safety of dissidents, journalists, activists, and minority communities who may face harassment, intimidation, or even violence at the hands of these operatives. It’s particularly alarming considering that Canada has listed the Islamic Republic in Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Furthermore, the presence of regime in Iran’s proxies in Canada undermines the rule of law and erodes trust in Canadian democratic institutions. By allowing foreign entities to operate with impunity on Canadian soil, the government risks compromising the sovereignty and security of the nation.

To effectively address this threat, Canada must bolster its counterintelligence efforts and enhance cooperation between law enforcement agencies and intelligence services. This includes heightened monitoring of suspicious activities, improved information sharing, and robust measures to identify and apprehend individuals involved in espionage or other illicit activities on behalf of the terrorist regime in Iran.

In addition to international pressure, Canada should consider implementing targeted sanctions against all individuals and entities involved in the regime in Iran’s malign activities on Canadian soil. This could entail travel bans, asset freezes, and other measures to disrupt their operations and deter future infiltration attempts.

It is imperative that Canada remains vigilant against such infiltration and takes decisive action to protect its citizens from these threats. Upholding the rule of law, defending democratic principles, and safeguarding national security must be paramount concerns for the Canadian government.

Alquds Hate Day, 2024, Toronto
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In conclusion, as Canadians, we must stand united in defense of our values and principles against external threats. By standing firm against the Iranian regime’s attempts to undermine our integrity, we uphold the legacy of freedom, democracy, and human rights that define our nation. Let us remain steadfast in our commitment to justice and freedom, refusing to compromise our values for the sake of convenience or profit.

About the Author
Shabnam Assadollahi is an award-winning Canadian human rights advocate and freelance writer/journalist of Iranian origin. She has a Master’s degree in Social Anthropology and has worked extensively helping newcomers and refugees resettle in Canada and has distinguished herself as a broadcaster, writer and public speaker. Shabnam was arrested and imprisoned at age 16 for eighteen months in Iran's most notorious prison, Evin. Shabnam’s primary and heartfelt interest is to focus on the Iranian community and world events affecting women and minority communities.