Stephen Hawking has other plans. Does anyone else?


Quite frankly. I just can’t see how it matters all that much if Professor Hawking attends some Israeli get-together or not.

If he has decided not to turn up at this event, then his decision has probably more to do with Israel’s atrociously bad PR that anything else.

Now it’s well known that an occupying power enjoying almost total military, political and communal dominance is never going to win out in any beauty contests where international opinion is concerned. It’s a given and this will only ever be effectively countered if said power can show that the ‘other side’ is, in some undoubted manner, on an equal footing with it and in clear possession of a form of parity that really evens things up between them.

So, as far as the Israeli-Palestinian debacle is concerned, what the overall situation calls for is a balancing act, one in which neither side is eager to be the first to fall. Or the second. Or the third.                         And especially not the last.

Once this unusual type of equilibrium has been established, an automatic redistribution of power becomes vested in both parties and matters can soon proceed apace from there.

The expectation then is that peace rather than conflict rapidly overtakes the present untidy and often wildly oscillating systems now in place. The whole picture begins to stabilise at long last, allowing everybody to focus on reaching a settlement, an undertaking conveniently transformed into a virtually certainty by this very new development.

Could it BE any easier?

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Engineer, Virgo - now retired having worked 30 years in the field of medical diagnostic imaging for a major German multinational. Based in UK .