Stick the Head in the Sand Syndrome

Something dawned on me a moment ago after reading yet more dismal news on the Middle East…You know… on who else wants to attack us, on who else wants to boycott Israel,on Obama and the US State Department blatantly disregarding a US law that recognizes Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel, on who else is attempting to delegitimize our right to exist on our land and who else wants to wipe us off the face of the earth – the usual. What dawned on me was the true motivation behind the debilitating condition known medically as the Stick the Head in the Sand Syndrome.
head in the sand syndrome

With the prospect of Bashar Assad’s arsenal of chemical weapons falling into the “wrong hands” such as Hezbollah on our northern border – as if Assad’s hands were the “right ones”, with the Muslim Brotherhood sharpening their swords to the south and North of us, and with Iran on the precipice of becoming nuclear, it’s a wonder why more of us do not refuse to crawl out from under the blanket and beg off from facing the world as we know it. On numerous occasions I too have experienced bad news overload girl freaking out and have taken a much needed hiatus from perusing the newspaper or reading any online news.

In fact, I don’t know what makes me eventually throw the covers off and get out of bed to face reality. It’s a frightening world out there, yet at the same time, so compelling that I never allow myself to go on my anti-news hiatus for too long. It’s like watching a horror movie, hating every moment of it, yet refusing to change the channel because you just have to see how it ends.

But shutting oneself off from the news is very different from shutting oneself off from reality.
all is wellReality, being too harsh to swallow, there are those that prefer to live in a parallel universe where reality has no bearing, where Obama has America’s best interests at heart, oh, and Israel’s too, where republicans and Zionists are the root of all evil, and where peace would be possible with maniacal Arab terrorists if only Israel would end the “occupation.” They don’t see the unadulterated government sanctioned barbarianism in Muslim countries where human rights are systematically crushed. They don’t want to know of the hundreds of thousands to well over a million killed in Muslim inspired wars raging from the Sudan to Afghanistan.They don’t notice the encroachment and influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in UN agencies, US government offices and in the upper echelons of European and American society. They don’t want to grasp the threat of global jihad, period. It’s easier to live in utter delusional delirium.

Well, here in Israel, while one may need to turn off the radio for a few days here and there, sticking one’s head permanently in the sand is one syndrome we cannot fall prey to. Deluding ourselves into thinking that weak sanctions can pull the plug on our nuclear demise and relying on foreign promises of aid in our defense is outright suicidal. Hosni Mubarak might have a word or two to say about Obama’s treatment of US allies and I suspect would even back me up.

Israel is a No Freak Out zone.
no freak out zone

The reality is not going away. We’ve got to accept it, deal with it, blow the chemical and nuclear missile mongering Muslim butts into oblivion and move on. We’ll worry afterwards about the world blaming the spike in oil prices on us Jews. One problem at a time.

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