Stop being a child

I have a friend (yes, I have friends) who is very vocal about her love of Israel. She posts on social media, blogs about her love of the rich diversity of Israel. She posts picturesof Israel, showing the beauty of that great country. She also criticizes the country she lives in. People can do that.  You can feel her love of Israel via the computer — it is that strong.

Yet…….She is called a traitor, a self hating Jew. Why? Simply because some people disagree with her views. She believes differently than they do so she must hate herself and Israel. Silly, isn’t it? Instead of reveling in the love that they obviously both share for Israel, they choose to attack on various social media sites.

Here is the deal: WE ARE ALL ADULTS AND ENTITLED TO OUR OWN OPINION. I don’t agree with everything everyone says…but I will fight to the death of their right to say it. There is no law (that I know of) that says “YOU MUST AGREE WITH ME ALL THE TIME OR YOU SHALL BE KILLED/HARASSED/CALLED VULGAR NAMES”. (If there is a law that says everyone must agree with me..please let me know..) If you don’t like what someone says, MOVE THE F*CK ON. Don’t post that they should have been an abortion or should be killed or some other sick crap. There are people being MURDERED daily in Israel…and some people choose to show how big of a ZIONIST they are by posting crap like that.

Israel is too beautiful on diverse for this type of behavior. Is this what Israel was founded for all those years ago? Is this what people are dying for?

About the Author
Elizabeth is a nurse by profession, and a parent of a dog who thinks she is human. She likes lots of things. She may write about them.