Stop Preaching Peace to the Peaceful.

As if Jews around the world are not still aching from the recent tragedies, now we are being preached to about how to be a more peaceful people. The focus has totally shifted and we are made to be the aggressor once again, even by our own media. An Israeli-Arab boy was recently murdered but the facts are still not out. Still, Arabs have chosen it as an excuse to riot and destroy our towns. Rockets are pouring into Israel non-stop from Gaza while Neftali, Gilad, and Eyal’s family are still sitting Shiva.

Anytime I have voiced my opinion in defense of Israel I am labeled an extremist or a hater. I think it is extreme apathy to sit there and see your people murdered and say nothing. It is hate for humanity to not take a stand for justice. It is hate for yourself, if you even know who you are.

Where were the Arabs speaking for the loss of our boys or condemning Palestinian terrorism? Even so, we do not want to be like them. We want to show how kind we are, how human despite it all, but we also have a right to defend ourselves in the ongoing attempt at genocide against the Jewish people. The Palestinians support terrorist organizations like Hamas, they send their kids to summer camps with them. Maybe they’re brainwashed, but I’d still shoot a zombie if it was breaking into my home to murder me. I can already see people’s nostrils flaring as they read that statement. Like I said, take it up with them. I just want to live in peace not pieces. It is not our mentality that needs to change.

A few Jews hold signs up on facebook saying they want revenge and an Arab boy gets killed by an unstable person, or maybe an honor killing by his own family because he was gay, we don’t know yet. Suddenly the Leftists are ready to pounce on their own people. I beckon you to go stand with your peace signs in an Arab village. Go to Gaza and speak of love and tolerance. You are cowards. You want to be humanitarians from the comfort of your safe streets. Perhaps it makes you feel better, but it’s not helping.

Despite it all we must remain Jews. We must not act like animals like some. However, people are angry. I am angry and we have damn right to be and we will not shut our mouths or eyes to evil. The government of Israel ponders if it will protect its people or not while rockets blast into Israeli houses. Our homes, light rail system, and structures have been destroyed. Children have been murdered. Open your eyes! Something must be done about Muslim terrorism. People are being slaughtered all over the world in the name of Islam. No poster waving, self-righteous, morally superior Jew is going to stop this. If you want peace you must fight for it. The Jews did not regain power of their homeland from holding up peace posters. They turned into a living peace poster with blood, sweat and tears. People of Israel, do not let the blood of our murdered children spill in vain!

You can start by demanding Hanin Zoabi, a terrorist supporter, be fired (if not thrown in jail) for a start. Talk to her about peace with her screaming from her fancy Knesset office chair about occupation. It’s frustrating how people I personally know (who fashion themselves as humanitarians) always seem to criticize Israel on what they are doing wrong yet never once stand up for the country they choose to call home. I’m getting tired of caring so much for a country that doesn’t care about itself.

About the Author
Keren Israel has a deep passion for writing in defense of Israel. Born in Israel and having lived in the US for many years, she has now returned to call Israel her home. A pro-Israel activist, she has participated and contributed to numerous events, as well as publishing works and graphic design in support of Israel.
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