Stop Quoting The Sunday Times

Nearly every week, a report comes out from the Sunday Times releasing game-changing scoops about Israel that nobody else has any information on. Subsequently, these stories get reprinted everywhere with a follow up story assuming the validity of the report and offering an analysis of what it means. The only issue is, that these stories are fictional.

Almost every claim made is backed up by unnamed sources and fails to be falsifiable. However, when assessing how consistently they release stories of such an a magnitude, how they are always the only publication with any information about the subject and how frequently they have failed to be substantiated, it becomes obvious how little credibility they have. When one sees the name Sunday Times or Uzi Mahnaimi, they would be best to ignore the “news”.

I have never read the Sunday Times. I have no idea if it is a good or bad paper, if it corresponds to my political beliefs or anything else like that. I just know that that their scoops on Israel should not be taken seriously.

For example, they claimed that Israeli commandos were deployed in Gaza during Operation Pillar of Defence.

That Israeli officials had confirmed a major explosion at Iranian nuclear facilities this past January which was proven to be erroneous.

That Israel is planning to join a defence pact with Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

That Israel planned to use Turkish bases if they decide to strike Iran.

That Russians were responsible for Syria shooting down a Turkish plane in their airspace last summer.

That Israel will use drones stationed in Azerbaijan to strike down Iranian missiles before they leave Iran.

That Israeli commandos have been operating in Syria since 2012.

That Israel has been planning on using tactical nukes on Iran, that’s when they aren’t planning an EMP attack on Iran, which the Sunday Times also reported.

That Hezbollah has spied on strategic sites inside Israel through the use of drones.

That Israel is planning on invading and occupying part of Syria to have a defence buffer.

That Israel is creating a biological weapon that only harms Arabs and not Jews.

That Syria has many batteries of Tishreen missilles set to attack Tel Aviv if Israel does anything to Syria.

When one looks into the Sunday Times, there are plenty articles like this one demonstrating how ridiculous some of their claims are.

Everything that the Sunday Times reports “could” be true.  However, after analyzing how often they are the only source reporting on these stories, how frequently they cease to be accurate, how often they are rejected as being as implausible, it becomes obvious that it is no more than reporters thinking up situations of events that could theoretically happen in the middle east and stating it as a fact backed by unnamed sources.

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Daniel lived in Israel where he pursued his graduate studies focussing on Israeli policy. Daniel is now back in his home country of Canada studying law. Come check me out at