Stop the hate

As I sit here reading about the events in Israel over the last couple of days, I have tears in my eyes. Israel is unique in the Middle East: a society where all of its citizens are represented, including the minorities. We dont know WHO killed the 17 year old Arab Israeli, but I dont care. Whoever it was needs to be punished for robbing his family and country of him, just like the murderers of the three Jewish teenagers. I make no distinction when I say “Israeli”. Israelis come in all colors, shapes, sizes, and religions. That is why Israel is so wonderful. No one is going to have their tongue cut out if they disagree with the government. No one is going to be killed if their faith is not the “right” one. Israelis are Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze and a plethora of other faiths.

I condemn the murder of the Arab teenager, just like I condemned the murder of the Jewish ones. I condemn anyone saying “death to Jews” OR “death to Arabs’ OR “death to Muslims”. It is wrong to say these things. It is wrong to riot, throw rocks at people, etc. It is wrong. I understand anger. Lord knows both sides have enough anger to power the world for thousands of years. But, isnt it time that anger be put to good use? Isnt it time to stop the hate? Stop the hate so no more children have to die for any reason. One child dying is too many, no matter their faith or country of origin. We all have the power to stop this.But, are we willing to? That is the question I ask all of you: Are we willing to stop the hate so our children can live?

About the Author
Elizabeth is a nurse by profession, and a parent of a dog who thinks she is human. She likes lots of things. She may write about them.