Stop the war, now!

The war in its current shape can be easily defined as terror performed by the state of Israel. The current continuation of the war is totally useless for Israel and completely destructive for the children of Gaza.

Israel is now in a total moral and ethical chaos and what is done in the battlefield or declared in the media by Israeli leaders is no more than nonsense. It seems that the Israeli leadership is still acting under the influence of the shock of the first few hours of the terrorist attack of Hamas on October 7th, 2023. It is true that the horrors of this attack are almost impossible to understand for an average human mind, especially the details that are being revealed about the sexual atrocities of Hamas, but Israel is committing war crimes against Gazan children, without really damaging the terrorist organization leadership. The mass killing of Gazan children, the starvation and the destruction of civil basic facilities, especially hospitals, must stop now.

To start with, I completely agree with what GSA (Shin Bet) chief Ronen Bar said, that the leaders of Hamas should be killed wherever they are. This should have happened long before the October 7th attack, and consequently, there is some chance that the attack could be avoided. It might seem strange to my readers that in this context that I agree with those who claim that the 50 years of targeted killing policy have failed, like Haaretz journalist Yossi Melman. The failure emerged from the poor number of killings: they must have been much more.

Unfortunately, we all know that Israel will not execute these terrorist murderers and rapists, unless it creats another terror leaders to restore the unity and the cohesion of the Israeli Jewish society. “I will believe it when I see it” goes the saying of expressing major doubt. PM Benjamin Netanyahu promised endless times since 2009, that he and no other, will destroy Hamas. In fact, the entire career of this man is based on this lie and on spreading hatred within Israeli society. There is no slight explanation why his voters keep trusting him repeatedly. When history books of our era will be written, Netanyahu will be remembered as the Israeli leader who transferred the bags of money to Hamas and strengthened the terror organization.

But it is not just Netanyahu who misled the Israeli public, that was so eager to be deceived. I do not really know if to laugh or to cry when I remember the threat of Avigdor Lieberman to the mega terrorist Ismail Haniyeh, that when Lieberman will become Defense Minister, Haniyeh will be killed with 48 hours ! Well, Lieberman was defense minister for 30 months (!) and a member of Israeli cabinets for many years, and the terrorist is still alive. The pitiful of all was Naftali Bennet. This far right leader built his political career even more than Netanyahu, on the promise (lie) that when he will lead Israel, this state will “return to victories”. We all remember his funny-sad threat to Haniyeh in Arabic*. Needless to say, that Bennet was defense minister and even Prime Minister, as well as cabinet member of many governments. Haniyeh is still alive and carrying out terror attacks, rape and children beheading.

Another embodiment of the Israeli loss of reason can be seen in the totally insane idea of flooding Hamas tunnels with seawater. It is hard for me to believe that such a foolishness was said. What if Israeli hostages are held in there?

The war in its present format not only is not weakening the terror organization, on the contrary, it will strengthen it. The more suffering, poverty, hunger and misery among Gazan people, the Hamas will thrive. All religion-based political entities thrive when their public is in misery.

Finally, the Hamas leaders must be killed. It is on the benefit of Israelis and Palestinians. Actually, killing these mega-terrorists will benefit the entire humanity. This operation should include not just Ismail Haniyeh, Yehia Sinwar and Mohammad Deif, but also all their deputies and major commanders of Hamas. In a reasonable world, this task is the sole responsibility of Palestinians themselves. Stay tuned for next week’s post.

* Apology to my readers: I have no Facebook account so I could not find this clip directly on Bennet’s FB page. I linked the text to this clip from Gav Ha’Uma talk show. You can watch the concerned clip from 1:40 to 2:49.

About the Author
Dr Abed L. Azab was born and lives now with his family in A’ra, Israel. He completed his PhD in Medicinal Chemistry in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is an educator, teacher, social activist and column writer.
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