Streams of Anxious Consciousness XXIX

Hamas has been cooking up a pot of hypocrisy and lies and the world is eating up all they are serving. When did society develop an appetite for crap with a heaping side of false virtue?

Hamas launches claims against Israel but ignores the same laws and rules it says we violate which they openly transgress. I am bowled over by the double standard.

Every Hamas accusation against Israel is really an admission of their wrong doing and guilt. Here are some of the most blatant and glaring examples:

• Hamas leadership decries the war crimes and crimes against humanity that are happening in Gaza while staying silent about the fact Hamas entered sovereign Israel and brutally murdered 1400 civilians and children and elderly and women which is a crime against humanity and a war crime, in and of itself.

• Hamas ascribes blame to Israel for violating the Geneva Conventions when bombing hospitals and ambulances. Meanwhile, the Hamas headquarters are located inside of a hospital and Hamas weapons and militants are ferried to and from by ambulances. This fact was even announced by none other than Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority. Those actions are a direct violation of the Geneva Conventions.

• Hamas uses children as a human shield. Hamas shot and killed innocent Palestinian civilians trying to flee to the humanitarian zone. Yet, when a child is killed because she was forced to be near a Hamas fighter pressing launch buttons on rockets, Hamas is impervious to criminal accusation or wrongdoing, only Israel is criminalized.

• Hamas begs for a cease fire yet goes on multiple media channels and proclaims the resistance of October 7th will continue to happen over and over again. It was Hamas who broke the last ceasefire on October 7th. Still, many want Israel to pause now and wait for the next attack, which has already been intended and declared. Where is the onus on Hamas? When can they surrender to enable a cease fire?

• Hamas apologists claim repeatedly that the 240 captives and the missing posters hung around communities is a ploy by Israel to garner sympathy. Many of the same apologists claim no Israeli person is being held in Gaza. When Hamas is accused of kidnapping innocent civilians or barbaric brutality like raping girls and beheading children, they ask for proof and deny the charges. But when Hamas claims 500 were killed in a bombing, we should take their word without evidence. Of course, it was later proven those numbers were inflated ten-fold, and the bombing was caused by a Hamas errant rocket.

• When Israel is blamed for a humanitarian crisis, but Hamas is unscathed for their role in depriving children food or fuel or energy for cooking, why are they free from guilt for the humanitarian crisis they created and perpetuate? Why is Egypt free from blame for refusing to open its border for refuge adding to the crisis yet Israel is responsible for aid homing and coming? The hypocrisy is omnipresent.

• Why is Israel demonized for bombing Gaza with pinpoint precise rockets, yet in the last three weeks close to 10,000 rockets have been fueled and launched from Hamas into civilian populations that can land indiscriminately in grocery stores, kindergartens and nursing homes inside of Israel. The world is silent to that atrocity. Only Israel is committing crimes by being accurate. Really?!

• Why should Israel apologize for building bomb shelters and investing in Iron Dome while Hamas built tunnels for their jihad and left the civilians of Gaza to be unprotected. Is it Israel’s fault for protecting its citizenry? Is it Israel’s obligation to protect the people of Gaza when Hamas refuses to?!

• Why is killing an Israeli soldier acceptable but a Hamas operative who wears no uniform, wears no pledge pin to Hamas, yet fills his blue jean pockets with grenades, is categorized as an innocent civilian?

This is only a small sampling of a much larger list of these double standards, hypocrisies and false pretenses. It is stymieing.

Halloween is over. Stop the masquerade of humanitarian and Palestinian advocacy. It is really an anti-Israel and anti-Zionist aspiration. We can see through the costume.

Related and connected to that thought:
The language being used by pro-Palestinian advocates – who most are anti-Israel protestors – is designed to pierce the Jewish soul. It is not coincidental.

That is why almost every pro-Palestinian pundit and spokesman uses words including, genocide, apartheid (Jews were the fiercest advocates against the South African apartheid movement), ethnic cleansing, war crimes, colonialists and more.

These are weaponized words aimed to hit where it hurts the most. It is shameful and reprehensible. These words make claims about Israel that at one time, Jews were victims of themselves.

This cunning technique is utilized for two reasons:
First, it attempts to label Jews as hypocrites and lessens their original claims.
Second, it erodes the potency of the crimes and devalues the words if they are applied in cases against Israel. For shame!

Otherwise, we would hear about Israel’s right to live in peace. We would listen to sentiments from the Arab world, spoken in madrases and mosques that Israel deserves a homeland. There would be a clear denouncing of violence. Instead, there is radio silence.

Regrettably, cynical suspicions have been confirmed. Palestinian upset is not about their state. It is about our state. Palestinians are not mad they do not have a homeland. They are angry that Israel does.

Related and connected to that thought:
Normally, I loathe Ben Shapiro. He is indeed smart but arrogant and usually devoid of compassion. He seems to possess an ability to be wrong.

Yet, this week at Oxford I was heartened to see him take down person after person in a debate forum with the same and simple question he posed.

“When you say, ‘Free Palestine’ or say, ‘Palestine is occupied,’ which part of Palestine do you want free?” Shapiro asked.

Without exception, each one answered him, “All of it.”


This is not about the right to Palestinian sovereignty. This is about one state without Jews.

For almost a month now, we have been writing and circulating memes about what has been missing from our non-Jewish coworkers and friends. For me, I have been hurt for not receiving any sense of empathy, compassion, camaraderie, holding me and my people close and checking on our welfare in our moment of crisis. Those things were noticeably absent, and it still pains me.

Along those lines, there is one thing missing from the Arab world now. From the countries protesting Israel’s defense and from demonstrators waving flags to and fro in Washington and Berlin and London and Paris and anyone demanding a cease fire. That is the declaration by these groups and people, that there is a Jewish right to statehood.

If any Arab leader, any passionate defender of the rights of civilians in Gaza, any advocate for peace and those marching for a cease fire could articulate the need for a Jewish State and the notion that the Jewish people have an inherent and legal right to a homeland, that the Jewish State should be uncontested and established in peace, I think we would exhale. A little bit.

But the silence during this time has really been about a denial of our right to a Jewish State. There has been a not so quiet desire to weaken Jews, take away our defense, deny our right to sovereignty, autonomy and independence, and most notably, statehood. A wish to set back the clocks and erase the last 75 years and undo Israel’s gains.

That is the greatest paradox and hypocrisy of all. It is claimed that the Jewish people are occupying Palestinians and denying them self-dominion, but the answer for most on that front is to do the VERY same to the Jewish people. There is no recognition of the irony, hypocrisy or double standard that Palestinian apologists offer.

If you do not believe me, take a gander at the protests in front of the White House yesterday. “We do not want a Jewish State,” was sung out loudly and clearly for all to hear. The same was chanted in London and Paris.

I ask, earnestly, how does denying Israel statehood fix the Palestinian problem? Or is that not the Palestinian issue?

Those that protest do not seem to care what happens to the Jewish people. But the Jewish people and world are demanded to care about what happens to the Palestinians. Sounds pretty unbalanced and one-sided to me. Or perhaps a better word is, ‘disproportionate.’

If Palestinians want a state, side by side Israel, we have offered an invitation since 1947. We can offer another invite tomorrow. It has been refused over and over and over again. Is it because Palestinians do not like the terms or is it because Palestinians really want a state without Jews in or near it?

If Palestinians continue to deny a Jewish right to live in peace and security, we will stop at nothing to move those threats further away from our population. Walls and checkpoints will be the least of Palestinian worries. The blame will again fall solely on those who seek to harm us, and with the silence of the population who has neither the courage nor intention to announce a Jewish right to exist in self- sovereignty.

After, it will only take days until the denigration of the lives of Palestinians will be blamed again on the Jewish oppressive force and Israel’s occupation. Yet, those same people that blame Israel will conveniently develop amnesia when it comes to burying scores of dead Jews killed by terrorists.

We are not naïve to being asked to “go elsewhere.” That has been the Jewish condition since Egypt. Jews had a dream and a long fight to establish Israel. We paid a hefty toll before and during the last 75 years.

Israel is not going anywhere else. Ever again.

We are not sacrificing those who died for a homeland to pack it up and start over somewhere new. We know how that movie ends.

We are not going anywhere else. Ever again!

After 2500 years, we are finally home. And while we might welcome the stranger in our home and cede land for a homeland for others, we are not forfeiting our right to our homeland in peace, security and prosperity.

We are not going anywhere else. Ever again!

We will not apologize for Israel’s strength and defense, which is a necessity of that same condition.

We are not going anywhere else. Ever again!

I am going to tweak a familiar chant from the LGBTQ movement. ‘We are here. We are Jewish. Get used to it.’

The world needs to get used to the idea; we are not going anywhere else. Ever again!

We are home.

About the Author
David-Seth Kirshner is the senior rabbi of Temple Emanu-El, a Conservative synagogue in Closter, New Jersey. He is the past President of the NY Board of Rabbis and the NJ Board of Rabbis and is a Senior Rabbinic Fellow at the Hartman Institute and serves on the Executive Committee of the JFNA. Rabbi Kirshner was appointed to the New Jersey/Israel Commission by Governors Christie and Murphy. Rabbi Kirshner is a National Council member of AIPAC.
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