Strengthening Our Jewish Roots Back to Jerusalem Gardens

When people speaking of protecting Israel, most think of the physical land of Israel not understanding the correlation between this physical place and the inner Israel within our souls. This is the Garden, from whence we came from and to where we shall return.

What is it in our spiritual Jewishness that that makes us so worthy of heavenly protection. The clues lie in the houseplant genera Zebrina and Tradescantia, commonly known as Wandering Jew. What is interesting about this plant is that when the shoots are cut of from the vine, they easily take root in another location. According to Merriam-Webster, a Wandering Jew is…”a Jew of medieval legend condemned by Christ to wander the earth till Christ’s second coming” ‘

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From a Jewish spiritual gardening perspective, a wandering Jew would be defined as a group of Jewish souls, in exile, rooting heavenly shoots for two thousand years amongst the Nations of the World. Deeply embedded with the spiritual DNA is code for repairing the world. I discuss this in my highly politically charged spiritual garden manifesto “Der Himmelsgarten:

Legend has it that 2,000 years before the Creator created man He created the greater spiritual universe and mapped it out into 22 geo-spiritual quadrants. Each quadrant was root-fed with a unique combination of heavenly wisdom and heavenly heart. In my book I discuss how these depictions were sensed by the biblical Patriarchs and later chronicled as the 22 Hebrew letters which were later combined into words, verses and books within the Bible. The horizontal aspects of the letters relate to the degree of heavenly godliness one feels in the heart and the vertical components signify the heavenly wisdom to attain a specific level towards attainment. Biblical words like grasses, rose, flower bud, water, land, roots tree, etc. contain embedded spiritual instructions to cleanse the heart and garden the spirit. This helps explain why people can feel spirituality while gardening. They are harmonizing with the original root feeding of the spiritual letters, which will help them stream their way back to the Garden.

Using this kabbalah key, our Jewishness is defined as innate ability to connect.  When it comes to defining our Jewish roots they belong to everyone. The spiritual Wandering Jew shoots that were down streamed onto the Nations of World, now can function for up streaming  stardust souls back to the Garden.

When it comes to defining our Jewish roots they belong to everyone. The spiritual Wandering Jew shoots that were down streamed onto the Nations of World, now can function for up streaming intentions to reconnect back to the Garden. Just as we were created with direct spiritual roots that stream sustenance into our souls, the forces that detach us from this perception are so-called inner seeds of hate, which can germinate upon the right conditions. and clog the spiritual roots. On the surface, we are very susceptible hate and fear mongering.  Given the right inspiration, we bring out our latent heavenly intention to connect.

Terrorist organizations like Hamas perceive Jews, Israel, and all the other infidels, as being limitations to their development. They spread propaganda that Western culture is a cancer limiting their elevated spiritual lifestyle and future redemption. As threatening as Hamas is to our bodies, the hatred and fear that they instill in our souls is almost worst. This is the kind of reactive hatred that disconnects us from connecting, strengthening and fortifying our Jewish roots.

The righteous Palestinians and others in the Nations of the World see things much differently, They may not understand the full dimension of the role of Jews, but most of them understand that they have one to be fulfilled; if not now then sometime in he not so distant future.

Embedded with our spiritual DNA, is the hidden wisdom to teach the world overcome their instincts to weed out each other, and get back to the garden for symbolically weeding out hate. This is the clue to transform our Jerusalem Gardens into “Weed Out Hate” Community Gardens. Palestinians and Jews, working together to weeding out hate with ample opportunities for planting sunflower peace seeds in fields of hopes and dreams.

By learning to deep root feed and systemically protect  our common Jewish roots of the Tree of Israel, as one heart one soul, we build up our resistance for tasting that once seductive but forbidden fruit connection with the Creator.

God protects the Jewish spiritual roots of Israel for the task ahead. After spreading our Wandering Jew shoots throughout the world for over two thousand years, the time has for streaming eight billion hungry spiritual intentions back to the Garden.

About the Author
As the eldest grandson of Ross Daniels, the inventor of a horticultural irrigation tool for deep watering and feeding at the deepest roots, Marc spent the first half of his career learning about global gardening and gardener's trends. Ten years ago, he began thinking about how to take his grandfather's vision to the next level, for inspiring humanity to weed out hate and sow the seeds of peace through spiritual gardening.