Subtle Political Bullying

All dressed up and nowhere to go as sung by Reba McEntire, tells of Ruby’s loneliness as she’s dressed in her finest, waiting in her nursing home for visitors — who never show.

At times that is how elected officials explain their relationships with Israel.

Yes, Israel is a great democracy they say, even the greatest ally America has in a war torn region, touting the number of visits they’ve taken there over many years, BUT Israel must negotiate, give away land that is rightfully theirs to a sworn enemy.

Their unrequited commitment to Israel never appears. Always a qualified need to return land.

To which other country do US elected officials and those seeking high political office lecture their elected democratic leaders on giving back land that is historically theirs and moreover won in battle.

Virtually none and certainly not to an existing great ally.

Those enmities are reserved for Israel.

Jonathan Harris, AIPAC Assistant Director of Policy and Government Affairs stated at their Convention yesterday, “If Israel cannot be made the criminal, there is no crime”.

Israel did not commit a crime capturing the West Bank in 1967 in a war imposed on them. Israel is not committing a crime settling it’s citizenry in territory it rightfully owns and controls.

When it comes to Israel, what we have seen of politicians throughout the U.S lacking political will, ‎is inserting a subtle form of bullying upon Israel.

Unlike the United Nations which propagates an unabashed anti-Zionist agenda against Israel, those running for higher elected office pander to their members by softly scolding our best ally, our most trusted friend.

‎This is unlike the more well-known street or schoolyard bully who loudly and gruffly intimidates the other boy into submission. Everyone knows who the bully is.

No, this is the soft and tender bully who repeatedly couches his/her words of criticism into a mild sauce of harsh words reserved for our very best friend who we’re told welcomes our criticism.

‎As my father in law said’ auf aleh maneh sonim. All my enemies should receive this blessing.

It’s like the President saying to a woman (Israel) that dress you’re wearing ‎(country) is really beautiful, it’s such a shame you don’t look good in it (settlements).

Israel, they say is such a beautiful country. It’s such a shame you don’t look good in the land you won.

Divide it, they say, and you’ll look better.

Hillary Clinton proclaimed at AIPAC, if you see a bully stand up to him.

Some politicians may be talking about other politicians.

But they’re really talking about their own relationship with Israel.

Israel is all already dressed up and ready to go – in all her glory and splendor.

Israel will go to any dance it wishes because indeed it is truly beautiful. No more so than on Purim – when we’re reminded that the people of Israel, and now the land of Israel – are indivisible.

We will get dressed up on Purim, and we will look beautiful. We will visit, and be visited upon – throughout this beautiful land of Israel.

About the Author
David Mandel is Chief Executive Officer of OHEL Children's Home and Family Services in New York