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Sukkot 5781 Living in a Fragile World

Last year on Succot, I wrote a blog entitled Living in a Fragile World. Well, the world is a lot more fragile this year. Or is it? Let’s look at what I wrote last year.

I read recently that some 1.3 billion people live in multidimensional poverty, which is almost a quarter of the population of the 104 countries of which half are children.

On this Sukkot, I do not need to think about the global, fragile world made worse by pointless wars, despotic leaders, but look to share the fragility of our friends, the Chevra from Moshav Mevo Modiin who lost both their houses and their community in a fire on Lag B’omer.

They are living in a permanent sukkah of uncertainty, worry about the future. I am inspired by their optimism and Simcha Chaim, and ability to never give up.

This year the rest of the world joined the Chevra in living with uncertainty, worrying about the future

There has not been over much progress on the Moshav Rebuild and the Chevra are in need of Hugs and a PR boost. The Moshav used to host a bi-annual Moshav Country Fair.

This year, they invite the world to join them on the bi-annual FaceBook Live Moshav Country fair this Tuesday 6th of October.



In another Project, The Shlomo Carlebach Foundation, The Moshav are inviting the Chevra to design a customized T-shirt to promote and support the Rebuild Efforts of the Moshav.

It can be one of your favourite Reb Shlomo Inspirational Quotes, your Photographs or artwork of Reb Shlomo and can be sent by email to  or what’s app to +972 (0) 54 6668182

At this time of uncertainty for the world, I thought it would appropriate to share the following inspirations:

Rabbi Sholom Brodt z”l penciled these heart-wrenching words in a Letter to God. (I adapted the 2nd paragraph)

again You are hiding

and we don’t see the truth with clarity

what do You have in store for us this year

will we have the strength of mind and courage

to believe to see to know

that it is all very good

though I say I believe

or at least want to believe

in Divine Providence

though I at least want to believe

that all You do is good

and for the good

I don’t understand why You allowed us

to be chased away from our Job, Shuls, Community, Friends, and Family

I don’t understand why we all have to suffer

How is this better for the world?

Was the World so bad before?

Did we not show enough compassion to our friend or foe?

What are the lessons for us to learn here?

Our Rabbi at Shir Chadash, Rabbi Ian Pear spoke on Rosh Hashanah last year that Rosh Hashanah is like stepping into the unknown and we do not know what this next year will be.  (Quite Prophetic indeed). We live in both uncertainty and hope, that we have mazal, (good fortune) He spoke about having positive dreams and plans, he referenced his talk to his favourite movie Field of dreams. As Herzl said  If you will it, it is no dream.

Reb Shlomo shared this little story.

“After Yom Kippur we feel homeless in our own homes. We don’t want to live in a house where the protection is made out of stone or wood. We want to live in a house where it’s clear to us that G-d is protecting us. I don’t want to live in a house where I cannot see the stars in the sky. I want to live in a house where every little star can send me a message of light. I don’t want to live in a house where maybe even one Jew does not feel at home. I want to live in a house where every Jew, and eventually the whole world, feels at home.

When I was in Russia on Sukkot, two non-Jewish girls in Moscow showed me the way to the synagogue. They stayed with us half the night in the Sukkah and then walked me back to the hotel. When they said goodbye, they said something prophetic to me:  “Maybe there shall never be peace in our days – maybe we shall never taste a peaceful world, but we shall always remember those few hours in the Succah of Peace, sitting in Paradise in the shade of G-d”.

My beautiful friends, every second in the Sukkah, you can taste Paradise in the most eternal way. Once a year we sit with our holy Mothers and our holy Fathers in the Sukkah. I bless you and me, let it also be with our children – all the children of Israel and eventually all the children of the world.

Transcribed by (Rabbi) Samuel Intrator , Brooklyn, New York  , Original version in Connections Magazine

and lastly, this Inspirational Video entitled Don’t give up performed by the members by the Moshav

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