Summary of Headlines From Kidnapping Saga

Picture of three kidnapped Israeli teens

In response to the horrific kidnapping and killing of Naftali Fraenkel, Eyal Yifrach and Gil-ad Shaar, here is a collection of headlines that really sums up the current situation.

 In response to kidnapping, Israel arrests over 300 terrorists who should have been arrested regardless

Army vows to capture suspects of teens killing, and to only release them at a much later date

Israel: we will continue arresting terrorists until we have enough people to free in future deals

Police dismiss four random officers for not telling the difference between a prank call and a real one

Israeli warplanes strike large swaths of desert sand in response to rocket attacks

Op Ed: kidnapping and killing of teens is worse than other acts of terror because it is worse

IDF troops confiscate comic books, collectible playing cards belonging to suspected terrorists

US, Britain issue vapid condemnations using long, impressive words

Obama: I cannot imagine the indescribable meaninglessness of my following statement

EU issues both condemnation and consolation tweets. Israel: we will retweet.

Netanyahu on boy’s deaths: now I am really mad

Israelis form vigils throughout the country, post photos to Instagram 

B’Tselem protests destruction of terrorist’s houses, pointing out that terrorists have feelings too

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