Supernova Slaughter, October 7th, 2023

Israel slept-in that fateful sabbath, synagogues

planned commemoration, celebration of freedom

from forty-year slavery: sweet Sukkot exodus;

Hamas hate riled by hopeful Hebrew dancers.


Close to contested bitter border fence,

Supernova dawn event turned malevolent,

festive trance-dance suddenly turned tragic,

magic atmosphere mutated, terror advanced.


Explosions at first ignored, possibly unheard;

music vibrated sandy ground underneath bare

feet; menacing hum of hundred-fold paraglider

engines drowned out by drum and bass beat.


No mercy shown, countless youth slaughtered

by evil swarm, seemingly insane; long-schemed

merciless murder of sons and daughters dancing

to a hippy-trippy beat on bitterly disputed domain.


Frightened festival goers fled into fields,

some played dead on the blooded ground

until brutal bullets blew out their brains:

violent videos vomited on victims’ feeds.


Was Yahweh’s vigilance somehow blind?

Are His mindful angels no longer diligent?

“Though an army assail me, my heart will not fear.” *

Increase faith to Yisrael, Yahweh, don’t fail!



*  When evil men come to destroy me, they will stumble and fall! Yes, though a mighty army marches against me, my heart shall know no fear! I am confident that God will save me.” – Psalm 27: 2 & 3

“כשאנשים רשעים יבואו להשמיד אותי, הם ימעדו ויפלו! כן, אף שצבא אדיר צועד נגדי, לבי לא יראה פחד! אני בטוח שאלוהים יציל אותי”. – תהילים כ”ז: ב’ ו-ג’

The Supernova festival event was meant to be a “safe place” for finding inner calm, peace, harmony”. It took place at Re’im, just three miles from the Gaza border.

About the Author
Louis Hemmings has been writing prose and poetry since 1972. Some of his work has been published in Poetry Ireland, The Irish Catholic, Forward (USA) and Books Ireland. He is a late-life journalism student in Dublin, Ireland. He is married 38 years, has two boys, buried a stillborn and holds an ecumenical Christian point-of-view.