Esor Ben-Sorek

Support the Loyal Druze — But Not the Medieval Ultra Jews

The title is not meant to rhyme. It is meant as a call to action.

For centuries, perhaps even more than one thousand years, members of the Druze faith have been dedicated and devoted friends to the Jews across the Middle East Perhaps it is because of our semi-familial relationship.

Zipporah, wife of Moses our law-giver, was not a Cushite (Ethiopian) woman as criticized by Moses’ siblings, sister Miriam and brother Aaron. She was, in fact, a Midianite daughter of the Midianite priest Jethro, known to the Druze as Nebi Shuaib, the founding father of the Druze religion.

It was the Midianite priest Jethro who taught Moses how to govern the masses of the Hebrews coming out of Egyptian bondage.

So we Jews and the Druze are mishpacha. We have been… we are… and we shall forever be… a family.

Of Israel’s 20 % non-Jewish minorities, the Druze are 100 % loyal and devoted to the country in which they live, as is required by one of the principles of their religious faith. Therefore, just as the Syrian Druze are loyal citizens of Syria, the Israeli Druze are loyal citizens of Israel. Loyal in life and in death.

I do not have before me at this time the percentages of the numbers of Druze who have served since 1948 and who continue to serve today as staunch warriors in our military forces. I do know that thousands of Druze soldiers have been killed in battle fighting in the defense of Israel, their homeland together with the Jews.

Nothing could be in any way similar to the ultra-Orthodox Jews who live in our land, who breathe the air of the land, but who have no connection to the land and who refuse to defend the land. They take everything from us and give us nothing in return. Except, perhaps, for too many annoying heart-and-head aches !!)

While white-capped Druze fathers escort their sons to recruitment centers with pride, black-hatted haredim hide their sons with mis-guided pride.

As an Israeli Jew who has immense respect and admiration for the Druze among us, I was very recently disappointed in the Likud party’s treatment of one of its loyal sons, the 64 year-old lawyer from the Druze village of Daliyat-al-Carmel, communications minister Ayoub Kara.

On 24 June he resigned as a minister in our government and withdrew his name and candidacy as Israeli ambassador to Egypt in protest of the unkind and unfair treatment he had received from the Likud members of government.

Pointing to the Likud’s shameful actions, he declared “I am going to war to clear my name”. And I gladly join him in the war for decency, honesty and respect, seemingly missing in the Likud as well as other Israeli political parties, espousing political prostitution !

While much of the blame lies in the hands of Likud’s misguided leader, Netanyahu, not all of it is his fault. (Most of it is, but in reality, not 100%…. maybe 90%. His nation-state law minimized minority civic rights).

Truthfully, I put much of the blame upon us, the modern Jewish citizens of Israel. We should be marching up streets, avenues and boulevards nation-wide in numbers matching those in the pride parades.

Our flags and banners should read as they wave in the breeze:


Why does our government always act like whore-mongers to give everything to a community which dislikes us and does not honor our laws nor defends our country in order to gain their needed votes, rather than publicly showing our debt of gratitude to a non-Jewish minority who loves, respects and defends us from foes, internal and external?

I doubt that we will ever see a law written which will separate religion and state as is the way of democratic western nations.

But a law could be written prohibiting anyone from a seat in the Knesset who does not or has not a son or daughter who volunteered to serve in the IDF.

Meanwhile, the remaining days and the years of my life will be devoted to defending the rights and privileges of the Druze while at the same time denying them to the anti-Zionists and the ultra-Jews.

If there are still some decent Israelis among us, hopefully they will join Ayoub Kara in his war against inequality.

We owe it to the son-in-law, Moshe rabbeinu… Moses our law-giver…. and to his father-in-law Jethro, Nebi Shuaib, founding father of the Druze.

We are mishpacha. We are a loving family.

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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