Survey Says, Jews Killed Jesus. The Guy Was A Myth

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has released a survey which shows that 26 per cent of Americans think that the Jews killed Jesus.

Jesus is a myth.

He has no Hebrew name. And never has.

The name Yeshu by which he is called in Hebrew is a Hindi name. It is what he is know by in India to this day. Apparently it is a title for Krishna.

The myth was spun out in Egypt under prompting from missionaries from India. The number two god on the totem pole was scalped straight from Egyptian mythology. Petra was the gatekeeper in the Egyptian heaven and got the same job in the new myth.

Petra is Pet.Ra, a name like Potephe.Ra, a follower of the sun god Ra. The name “Petra” is feminine in Greek so they changed it to “Petros.”

The Greeks who wrote the book moved the venue of the myth to Israel. The Jews first saw the book and learned of the god by his new Greek name, Iesous, between the Kitos War against Trajan (115) and the Bar-Kokhba War against Hadrian (132).

I think the Greeks started with a name for the mother which was either Hindi or Egyptian but they decided to smooth it out into Latin, the feminine cognate for Marius, which is Maria. This is neither a Hebrew nor a Greek name.

This Yeshu was supposed to have grown up in Nazareth, but there was no such place. The first mention of Nazareth as actually existing was 300 years later. The first mention in a Jewish source was 900 years later.

The story of his being born in Bethlehem after his parents travelled there as required for a Roman census has been rejected by all reputable scholars as impossible. A census was called in Judea in 6 CE and triggered an insurrection.

For Joseph, the putative father, a supposed resident of a supposed Nazareth in the Galilee, which was not under the jurisdiction of Judea, to travel there would be like someone from Hackensack, N. J. travelling to New York for a census called by that state. They would just tell him to take his meds and go home.

Women in any event were never required to appear at any census so to load Maria on a donkey, well advanced in her pregnancy, and take her into an insurrection zone for a census to which neither she nor her husband were subject is beyond implausible.

If this is supposed to be the story of his birth it wasn’t in Bethlehem because his mother would not be there and it wasn’t in Nazareth because that didn’t exist, so where was it?

There is no documentary evidence of any Christians, Jewish or otherwise, living in Israel until the period between the Kitos War and the Bar-Kokhba War.

Sometimes Christians are conflated speciously with the Essenes who were well known. This was an otherworldly cult probably including those who lived by the Dead Sea.

During the general mobilization for the Jewish War (70) against Vespasian everyone mustered including the Essenes. Josephus, the historian, gave the Essenes high marks for their bravery. No Christians under any name are mentioned.

Obviously this sect was incubating elsewhere in the Roman Empire but not in Israel.

If this had been a real man, supposedly a leader of some sort, you would think that his followers would have maintained vigils in Israel and sought to expand their numbers. In that case they would have become visible during the general mobilization.

The doctrines adopted by the sect have the marks of the Greeks all over them. The Orphics were the authors of three dogmas popular in the Hellenic world: life after death, sin, and original sin. The Orphic claim of life after death spread in the Hellenic zone because Plato gave it his imprimatur and that made it respectable to talk about. Before that in the enlightened world including Greece, Israel, India, and China they regarded mortals as mortals and immortals as immortals and the only way a mortal could become an immortal was through a process of apotheosis, which didn’t exist. The Orphics said mortals can become immortals upon death, Plato seconded the motion, and the Christians picked it up.

(Egypt with its pyramids made life after death the centre of its religion but the Jews walked away from there and ignored it for 1,500 years. When the Pharisees tried to introduce the Orphic belief into Israel they had to fight a civil war against the Sadducees which lasted six years and cost 50,000 lives. The Sadducees won but later were wiped out trying to defend the last of the Maccabee kings, Antigonus. So the belief snuck in here too but it’s all from the same source, the Orphics and Plato.)

Meir the sage prior to the Bar-Kokhba War read the book now circulating, the New Testament, and called it the “Aven Gilyon.” A modern translation of that would be “Worthless Tripe.”

At that point there were Christians living in Israel. During the war these Christians were condemned for cowardice and engaging in espionage. When persecutions began after the war their leaders ran to Hadrian and proclaimed that we are not now, nor have we ever been, members of the Jewish people.

The entire period when Christians may have been regarded as part of the Jewish people lasted no more than a decade.

Where did the anti-Semitism in the New Testament come from? Some say it was war propaganda from the Kitos War. This was one of the biggest wars in history given the number of casualties and the vast geographical area on which it was fought. In the western sector it became a straight race war where Jews and Greeks slaughtered each other in the hundreds of thousands. It’s what you would learn about Americans if your only source of American history were transcripts from Radio Hanoi during the Vietnam War.

What about his death? Everyone in Judea including kindergarten kids knew the name of the ruler of the country. Why that was the Prefect, Pilote. The writers of the fiction, wherever and whenever they were scribbling, did not know his title: they took a wild guess: Procurator. That’s like someone 80 years down the road in China writing, “and then Governor Obama killed Osama.” Had there been eyewitnesses to an actual event they would have passed on the story orally and would never in a million years screwed up this title. You have to assume there would be many of them passing on the same story. But there was no story to pass on; it had to be invented.

If you have someone with no birth-place, no home town, and no name in the language of the people he is supposed to be part of, you have all the markings of a myth.


















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Dov Ivry is from the Maritimes in Canada, born in Nova Scotia, raised in New Brunswick. He worked as a journalist there for 20 years with a one-year stop at the Gazette in Montreal. He's been hanging out in Israel for 36 years, doing this and that, and managed to produce 66 books.