Sussia on the Op-ed Page

Nasser Nawaja has written an appeal.

In The New York Times. At its Op-Ed section.

Actually, I think, after reviewing the clip at Rabbis for Human Rights, that someone else wrote the piece for him but as we know, for a hundred years or more, that without external assistance, prodding and initiating, there really wouldn’t be any “Palestinian national movement”.

The article itself is headlined

Israel, Don’t Level My Village

As far as I know, the demolitions were authorized by the same court the Arabs turn to to stop building security barriers and to destroy Jewish homes.  And not the entire village.  The case has been through the judicial process for many years.  This is not a quickie judgment.

Demolitions of thousands of homes in Gush Katif took place and that, too, was authorized by the courts.  This is not an Arab-only precedent.

According to Regavim, there is a misrepresentation of facts here.

That an old Arab village called Susiya existed was first asserted by the Nawajah family, Arab herders, in the mid 1990’s is true.  However, Israel’s High Court (HC rulings 7530/01, 430/12, 1556/12, 1420/14) found that these assertions were demonstrably false, based on comprehensive objective historical and geographical accounts. Historical aerial photography, detailed mandatory maps, travelogues from the 18th and 19th centuries, and the population registry all established that their assertions were a fabrication. Fact: no such village ever existed.

Those Arab herders were found to have homes in Yatta (a city in Area A under full control of the PA) and frequented the area near the ancient Jewish Town of Susiya only seasonally whilst grazing their flocks.

If Jews are to comply with the courts, so, too, must Arabs and their Jewish promoters.

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