Zelda Harris
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Tachana Merkazit

None so blind as those who do not want to see.

More than a year ago, these were the observations about the Sudanese as opposed to other “illegals” of a philipino who   was my late husband’s carer and is   very close to me .She lives with a partner H who is an Israeli arab  in rented accomodation near to Tachana Merkazit.

H works in a kiosk and she does occasional work they are really nice people……this is not about them, except that they asked me  then, to make the following  known to the press,the municipality and whoever would listen…..nobody did.

Quote:1″.Dont know where they get the money from but they open internet shops  ostensibly for that purpose but inside they sell food,drink,alchohol and who knows what else.Also  hairdressers  selling all kinds of goods unrelated to beauty treatment! How do they get licences?Israelis including H’s boss have to conform to local laws,they do not.

2.There are many drunks and they  behave violently.Throw over trash cans ,hassle the young women,and  steal hand bags,commit rape and yet this does not make headlines, as they are the local people mostly not white or Israeli. They also curse Israel.

3.They are dirty and if they live in apartment blocks they do not pay any attention to the needs of neighbours they leave trash and so on in the stairways and never offer to help. The police are afraid of them.No one wants to get involved as they are afraid of being attacked.

4.They are also dealing drugs.”

I am not Miri Regev whose copywriter must be a friend of Achminajad and our own Minister of Interior. I will never allude to any human being as a cancer in society. Its  too close to home..Lets not forget that these unfortunate people from the third world are only seeking what we all do….enough to live a reasonable life.The tragedy of Africa is a stain on modern society.  How strange that cancer has become such an “in word” amongst a section of people across the world who live with tunnel vision and hatred,  their daily intake, with breakfast.

I am only making the point which only now………….Hallo you guys out there…are you the media…do you have a function? Or it only the likes of Micky Rosenthal and Orly and Guy.They keep up the momentum like Sysiphus, to raise public awareness of many uncomfortable issues. They hope that our leadership will listen, since the man in the street sadly has no tools, particularly with our system of elections.Since theres no accountability from those whom we have elected to  Ministries from which they should be viewing the facts on the ground.They and only they should be doing something to alleviate the suffering of all of those living in and around Tachana Merkazit irrespective of the problems of those from abroad but including the crime and prostitution emanating from there. In this tiny land no one can remain unaffected and the uppercrust are being incited daily, as if it were their fault.

We are not the USA or Canada or other democracies with masses of land where we can conveniently accomodate minorities or select groups so that they don’t encroach on the “others” who are trying to live normative lives. Even those countries and others in Scandinavia and Europe are not encouraging refugees or asylum seekers.

Lets put aside the”holocaust syndrome’ excuse which affects our young soldiers who guard the borders and are known to give an infiltrator(from African lands)a twenty shekel note and say”Take a bus to Tel Aviv” someone will look after you there. Our youngsters are psychologically brainwashed to feel the pain of others displaced by whatever reasons from their homelands.

However MK’s and Ministers are not. For them the holocaust is used when they want to gain attention but not in humanitarian terms.Holocaust survivors living in dire conditions are witness to that.  The goverment  should have been focussing on this problem for at least the past year instead of seeking ways to prevent rights and freedoms from groups who “do not find favour in their eyes”because they speak the painful truth.  Now  after all the protests of last year  they are a party to raising taxes  to make life even more miserable.They can always find a reason as to why they don’t dirty their manicured hands.

Its remarkable that the masses are not resorting to violence only sporadic attacks on “others” but …..who know how much they can really swallow?.

To quote Miri Regev”Hitorer(wake up) Rosh Hamamshala,Hitorer Benyamin,if not him, WHO?

About the Author
Zelda Harris first came to Israel 1949, aged 18. After living through the hardships of the nascent state, she returned to England in 1966. She was a founding member of the Women's Campaign for Soviet Jewry. In 1978, she returned with her family to Israel and has been active in various spheres of Israeli Society since. Together with the late Chaim Herzog, she founded CCC for Electoral Reform, was the Director of BIPAC in Israel, and a co-founder of Metuna, the Organisation for Road Safety, which received the Speaker of Knesset Quality of Life Award for saving lives on the roads and prevention of serious injury. She is now a peace activist, blogger for Times of Israel and is writing her life story.