Take a Lesson from Lebanon

Similarities? Differences? Today, the entire government of Lebanon resigned amidst the fury and anger of the Lebanese people against its government for the long economic crisis and the recent tragic bombing leading to the destruction of most of the city of Beirut.

Israel… AWAKE! It’s time to take a lesson from our Lebanese neighbors to the north.

How long will our protests and marches, inflamed with the anger and fury of most of our citizens, need to continue?

The entire government of Israel should take a lesson from the Lebanese government— RESIGN NOW!

President Rivlin must appoint a temporary new government beginning with a new prime-minister and members of his Likud party together with lawmakers in the Knesset from other political parties who support the maniacal ways of a maniac prime minister.

Our president must surely be aware of the imminent death of our democracy under the unclean hands of unclean and corrupt “me-myself-and-I-alone” head of government.

If heads must roll in the name of decency and loyalty to the citizens of Israel, so be it. If the Lebanese people could force an entire government to resign, so can the Israeli people.

The similarities, albeit with some differences, with the fury of Lebanon and the fury of Israel are clear.

For us, it is the demand of our citizens to exchange a corrupt and indicted prime minister for an honest one…. A leader like Gidon Saar, for an example.

Let us face the facts. We are being led by a man who ultimately will be found guilty on all charges of his three crimes and will fortunately be sentenced to an unknown term in a prison cell.

Regrettably he cannot be charged with a fourth crime… that of bringing his son Yair into the world. (An El Al bathroom will never be the same again !)

The cry of our people as they protest… “Ad Kama?”… how much longer? “Matai yailaich”? When will he go? are loud but are not loud enough. The will of the people, the voices of the people, must be heard.

God forbid and God protect us from the tragedy of Beirut. It happened by the anger of the Lebanese people. Is their anger less than the anger of unemployed, hungry , disgusted people in Israel?

It is insufficient that protests are confined to Paris Square, to limited distances from the official residence on Balfour street and totally ridiculous to protesting at the private home of the Netanyahu family in Caesarea, a home which presently is empty and nothing is achieved except unnecessary disturbance to innocent residents.

Let the protests be carried nationally in a manner that can affect the lives of thousands of our citizens, causing them in their rage to demand Bibi’s resignation.

Let the bus terminals be blocked, preventing passengers from their travel. Let young protesters lie on the tracks of the light rail in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv. Let the strong overfill the train terminals preventing passengers from boarding trains.

Let the media cover all such events and let it be proclaimed, not only to the homes in Israel but to homes around the world. Let civilized people in civilized countries join us in our shame of the Netanyahu government. Boycott businesses that support the Likud memberships.

Only when the pocket of a Jew is affected will he scream out in anger. Let the voices be heard everywhere.

We may have similarities with Lebanon and its decent (non Hezbollah) population. But let the similarities have at least one peaceful demand… Bibi & family must go. And must go soon before unwanted blood is shed.

Let us take at least one good lesson from Lebanon and the decent Lebanese people.

Am Yisrael ha demokrati chai l’olam. May the democratic State of Israel live forever.

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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