Take a pen and be the change

The scenario that I am about to draw for you now will most likely strike a “déjà vu” sentiment among many of the readers.

Here it goes:

Extreme elements in the Muslim world through their different terror agencies translates, yet again, their hatred towards Israel and their determination to rid the world of Jews into action, and start war against Israel. The sovereign nation of Israel, in an effort to practice its right to defend its citizens and assure their security just as any other nation would find it necessary, responds to such attacks.

Unlike any other nation on this earth, however, Israel practices utmost patience and restraint and hopes that the hostilities will stop before it takes action.  Israel’s enemies perceive this non-response as weakness and intensify their aggression in the form of shooting rockets, homicide attacks and other terror acts.

Once Israel decides to act, it does not take any steps until it has warned the civilian population from within which the enemy operates, in more than one way, of the need to vacate areas that will be targeted. Furthermore, Israeli soldiers are advised to practice extreme caution not to kill any innocent civilians, sometimes at the dear cost of life to its own soldiers, a noble approach that has earned the IDF the title of the “most  moral army the world has ever known” by Col. Richard Kemp.

Unfortunately, the logic and basic understanding that guides enlightened people such as Col. Kemp and many others, do not prevail in some parts of the slumbering and PC saturated world. Its media channels run and oiled by the Islamic propaganda machine start flooding our living rooms and our social media sites with horrific photos of women and children roaming through death and destruction and scenes that squeeze every drop of tears out of viewers in what they have turned into a perfect tactic.

No matter how many point out the fallacy of some of these photos, even show that they were taken from other regions and totally unrelated conflicts, the bombarded masses of humankind refuse to recognize the truth. Many continue to use one mantra, Israel is guilty, Zionism is racism and not Syria, not Iran and not the ISIS but Israel should be tried for imaginary war crimes.

Sounds familiar, does it not?

If you recognize this script thus far then surely you will know what is next in store for Israel. Yes, you got it: The appointing of a UN Commission of Inquiry for Human Rights Violations in Gaza with the possible outcome of another Israel  finger pointing and blaming account in the form of a sequel to the notorious Goldstone Report which even Judge Goldstone himself found flawed when – far too late – he began to understand Hamas’s deceptions

“Possible” is the key word here. This scenario does not have to end again like its predecessors. This time truth loving people  can, through hard work and intensive proactive public discourse, ensure that, unlike in the past, justice is carried out. Amidst these thoughts I found a remarkable public petition on the internet:  “Hamas leaders must be tried for War Crimes” 

Beyond the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who is a household name everywhere, this petition is also addressed to the President of the Security Council (from Britain this month and from the US in September) and to Mrs. Fatou Bensouda, Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court.  The carefully and properly selected addressees, the emphasis on crimes against humanity (less understood by the public than war crimes) and the whole wording of the petition suggest that this petition doesn’t merely air popular feelings, but was edited with some international legal insight.

Please read the petition and if you agree, kindly sign it.

It is through your support of this endeavor that the so called “cycle of violence” can be broken with the first weak link, Hamas’s ongoing indiscriminate rocket launching against Israel’s civilian population. It is with your help that the script of this repeatedly produced horror movie may change, a change which will affect not only Israel but also you, your country and the future of the world as a whole.

About the Author
Bat-Zion Susskind-Sacks is an English teacher and a pro Israel advocate. She lives in Israel and has recently published her first novel, "On A Wing From The Holy Land."