Tolerable risk

Obama to Abbas: Palestinians must take risks for peace | The Times of Israel

Obama to press Netanyahu, Abbas to accept framework’ | The Times of Israel

It seems that, these days, everyone must take risks if matters are to proceed on a fast track towards some lasting Israeli-Palestinian settlement. But, with such high stakes to play for, neither leadership feels much inclined to be the first to do so.

This is hardly surprising when the region at risk has always proved to be so volatile and the conflict it generates shows no visible signs of terminating. It would now be a brave or very foolish politician, negotiator, statesman to believe any suggested framework, mutual agreement or statement of intent could possibly calm such troubled waters for long.

And yet, unless some means of credible stability and control can be firmly put in place, no peace of any sort can emerge from this decades-old dispute between Jew, Arab and, somewhat later in the day, Persian. 

But what measures are there that can be taken to provide the situation with a sufficiency of this stability and control?  Can peace ever become very much the norm and not that rare, elusive item almost never to be found, not even in a search spanning several generations?

I guess it all depends on just what it is that certain people need to risk. And how far other people are then able to help them in that process.



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