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Tech Leaders: Hilla Bakshi, Founder HaMeetupistiot

Hilla Bakshi, Photo: Hilla
Hilla Bakshi, Photo: Hilla

Welcome to my Tech Leaders Interview Series, where I interview impactful leaders and ask them to share tips and techniques that have benefited them, both in their personal and professional lives. 

This interview is with Hilla Bakshi, Founder of HaMeetupstiot. 

About Hilla: 

Hilla Bakshi is an entrepreneur. Founder of HaMeetupistiot, a Facebook group that promotes professional and personal development for women through informal learning like Meetups and professional workshops. Hilla holds a Bachelor’s degree with a major in Media and Management from the College of Management Academic Studies and has worked in the Israeli tech industry for 18 years in Product, Marketing, and Business Development positions.

What are your main productivity tips? 

Spend a few minutes meditating in the morning. I walk 60 minutes on Tel Aviv’s boardwalk. Taking a walk before I start my day is really relaxing and helps me stay calm and focused throughout the day. It also helps me to turn off the phone for short periods throughout the day, ideally for at least 30 minutes.

What is your favorite drink? 

It used to be Gin & Tonic until very recently, but now it’s Negroni – an Italian cocktail made of one part gin, one part vermouth Rosso, and one part Campari, garnished with orange peel. I am said to have become somewhat of an alcoholic during Corona.

How do you deal with stress and anxiety? 

I must admit that I don’t often feel stressed or anxious, but when I do, I take a short break and turn off everything and just take a few deep breaths. If that doesn’t help, I’ll probably just go to the beach, find the farthest spot from people, and gaze at the sea. It helps me clear my mind and refocus.

Your tips for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Make sure you have a mentor! Someone who will guide you and assist you on the chaotic, lonely, but mostly exciting journey of entrepreneurship. 

And if you don’t know how to do something, simply source it out.

Who in the Tech industry would you like to meet for lunch? 

I meet a lot of people in my day-to-day life, and If I want to meet someone, I just find them online and invite them for lunch. I’m well-known for that. But if I need to think more precisely, I would love to meet Yasmin Lukach for lunch. She has recently got back to Israel from the states, and we haven’t had a serious talk and got to know each other. I listened to a podcast with her last year and found her journey very insightful, and we seem to have similar values. She’s probably the last person in this industry that hasn’t met me.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be? 

All my eyes are on New York these days.  

What is your favorite book recommendation? 

I hate to say it, but I’m not a book person. Films and cinema are my passion. 

Why are you in Tech? 

I’m a curious person by nature. Technological innovation has always interested me. This is an ever-evolving industry. Born in the early ’80s, I experienced the video revolution, TV revolution, DVD revolution, Internet and instant messaging revolution, social media, mobile, and metaverse revolution. There’s no moment that is dull in this business. 

The people in this industry are also among the smartest on Earth, and I find myself fascinated and challenged by them, and I enjoy challenges.

About HaMeetupstiot: 

HaMeetupistiot is a non-formal community of professional women from the tech industry committed to learning, growing, and evolving through meetups and business events.

Our goal is to expose women to meetups on topics related to their work, such as Product Management, UX/UI, Data Analysis, Marketing, Sales, Business Development, and Entrepreneurship. The community aggregates related events & webinars on a daily basis sends out a weekly newsletter and highlights extraordinary women as often as possible.

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