Hamas is a terrorist organization, not a militant group

The current situation in Israel has caused major friction within the media around the world. Nearly all reporting done on the current conflict portrays Israel in a negative light and it’s time for it to stop. Something I hear on a recurring basis is “according to the Palestinian government….” This phrase truly bothers me because the media fails to recognize certain technical factors about the so called “Palestinian government.”

Firstly, Palestine is not yet a country. It is a territory. You cannot find it on a map because it is  not recognized by the world as a country. It is a piece of land GIVEN to the Palestinian people by the State of Israel. They have formed the Palestinian Authority (PA) which currently governs over their land.

The PA has recently formed a unity government with Hamas, a terrorist organization that is openly committed to the destruction of the Jewish people. So when a newscaster uses the term “according to the Palestinian government” they are in fact saying that they are getting their facts from an authority that is directly affiliated with a terrorist organization. This is crazy. If we can’t even trust them to deliver humanitarian aid to their OWN people, how can we expect accurate reports from their central authority?

Many times, a reporter will refer to Hamas as a “Palestinian militant group.” This statement really makes me upset. The United States of America and the State of Israel classify Hamas as a terrorist organization. A militant group is NOT the same as a terrorist organization and it is wrong to belittle the effects that this classification has on the world. An average person watching television would not pick up the small difference but the media is blatantly lying to their constituents.

Imagine if a newscaster had to get on their show and talk about the Israeli war against terror instead of the Israel-Palestinian Conflict? They don’t do that because it wouldn’t be any fun. There are a lot of Palestinians who would love to live peacefully alongside the Jewish State of Israel, but unfortunately they have become infiltrated with Hamas, which has destroyed the potential of immediately solving the conflict.

Today’s reporters need to take a second and read up on the history of the Israel-Palestinian conflict. An issue society faces today is drawing conclusions at record speeds; and this issue is not simple to understand. But even with a simple Google search, you would learn that Hamas is a terrorist organization. It’s not so hard to understand that. Just visit their website or Wikipedia page!

When a reporter calls Hamas a “militant group” it confuses the viewer, generates an incorrect narrative, and also makes them look uneducated. Reporters need to have this fact engrained in their brains because every time you don’t call Hamas a terrorist organization, you are giving them legitimacy. Do they deserve that credit?

About the Author
Max Kahn, 19, is a graphic designer studying at Drexel University. He currently serves on the board of Drexel Hillel and is also a fellow with The David Project. While in High School, he co-founded Advocate4Israel, a website dedicated to engaging future Israel advocates and also launched the Public Affairs Committee at his school.
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