Carol Green Ungar

Everything I need to know I learned from the missiles

I fly a lot and air travel is a good metaphor for what is going on right now in Israel. We’re experiencing turbulence. We need to fasten our seats and sit tight. I’m not arguing for or against a massive deployment of land troops into the Gaza Strip. Leave that to the generals. If the rest of us want to survive this all with some semblance of mental health the key is to develop faith.

Yes faith. What is that? News reports revel in analysis, how many Iron Dome batteries there are, how effectively they are deployed but we Jews havent gotten through  all of these centuries on account of the Iron Dome, or any other technology.

What has carried us through . That means  believing  it isn’t  Bibi or Hamas or the UN who are running this war, but G-d.  It also means believing  that G-d  isn’t doing this to mess us up. G-d loves us.  He has our best interest in mind and that everything He does is for our best.

Yes, you can scoff. I’m sure there are readers who are right now clucking their tongues saying that my words are naive, polllyanish but what is the alternative? Insanity, madness, mental collapse.

I’m not saying that people of faith don’t feel afraid. Fear is human but the person of faith can get beyond his fear and call out to G-d.

. Life is for learning. In the Ethics of the Father instructs us to milk every situation for its lessons and this war is certainly full of them.

Here are a few

1. We are powerless. Even Benny Gantz, even Bibi. None of us really don’t control anything and reality can change in flash. As we see strange things can and do fall down from the sky and change lives.

2. While we are powerless we  do have choices–we can eat, drink or smoke , drug or worry ourselves into oblivion or we can chose faith

3. With faith, we have  a tool for coping with the mysteries of life . With  faith we have Whom to turn to.


About the Author
Carol Ungar is a prize-winning author who writes from the Judean Hills.