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Tel Aviv FW with Cindy’s Corners & Rachel Vardi

Photo: TLVFW

Since so many of us couldn’t attend the Tel Aviv Fashion Week last week, and we are interested in the trends coming out of the Israel, I did the next best thing. I contacted my friend, Rachel Vardi, fellow fashionista and blogger. We coordinated our efforts to get the most information to you, our devoted followers, an international audience.

Rachel Vardi is a mother of five amazing children. She is also a stylist, personal shopper and home decor consultant. She teaches Face Yoga, which is amazingly effective, for stress relief and curing aging issues naturally. She shares her tips and forecasts her trends through her Instagram account: @VardiRachel

The Shows

Several celebrations and milestones were highlighted on the runway and events. The biggest was celebrated 70 years of Israeli fashion.

 Fashion Week opened with Iconic Israeli SOURCE Sandals celebrating 30 years with outfits by 30 Israeli designers in the Tel Aviv Fashion Week at the Tel Aviv opening show.

For 30 years SOURCE sandals stand for the connection between man and nature. For the Fashion Week opening show, SOURCE invited 30 Israeli fashion designers – up-and-coming and well established names – to design outfits inspired by the four elements of nature, water, fire, air and earth, to launch the new SOURCE Women’s Sandals line.

Another milestone was honored in a huge gala. It was a benefit for “Krembo Wings – A Youth Movement for Children with and without Special Needs” Featuring SpongeBob. The connection between SpongeBob and “Krembo Wings” is a natural one: The optimistic sponge is a symbol of positivity, happiness and the acceptance of others. Nickelodeon is proud and happy to invite “Krembo Wings” to be a part of this global birthday bash. The designers that participated in the show: Vivi Balaish, Gideon Oberson, Alon Livne, Dorin Frankfurt, Shai Sahlom, Shani Zimmerman, Yaron Minkowski, Idan Laros, Daniela Lehavi, Comme il faut and others. Those who walked the runway included: Yael Arad, Kim Or Azulai, Sophie Machner, Roslana Rodina, Maya Wertheimer, Miri Nevo, Noam Frost, Talin, Shani Klein, Natalie Dadon,  Shai Lee Shindler, Arbel Keinan, Bell Agam and others

Vardi summarized many of the trends she saw from the shows she attended.

“The first show was a gala night to celebrate. Gideon Oberson started with an impressive collection of elegant designs that flowed. They clothes were exquisitely made, sort of cruise collection with soft textiles & bold designs. Lara Roznovsky is a young designer that showed a colorful collection with ethnic touches. Her men’s collection wasalso colorful with nothing structured and lots of animal prints.”

Photo: Maskit

She added, “Dorin Frankfurt, a seasoned designer, had a lot of ethnic touches, including Jewish religious apparel such as talleisim as shawls, Chassidic hats, traditional Yemenite designs. Alon Livne (a Shenkar graduate) showed beautiful avant-garde wedding dresses and evening wear with intricate detailing that he is famous for, all very romantic and stunning.

There was a Shenkar graduate show that promoted gay pride and was very provocative.”

Vardi attended the Maskit show. I had the pleasure of meeting the Maskit team during NYFW last September. They continued to show beautifully designed and oversized pieces for day and evening wear.

A Wide Range Of Offerings

Vardi’s impressions of the following designers and shows:
Hagit Assa-mainly ethnic themed
Nataly Dadon-with her swimwear collection “Rinikini”, started off with a speech for women’s rights
Sagit Tzabari-showed a well cut and stunning collection using different textures and a more fitted look
Bamoss.Square-mens fashion had an eclectic show also used religious Jewish elements
Danny Mizrachi-bridal and evening wear were just spectacular highlighting soft textures with lace and lots of embellishments.
Victor Ballaish- ended the show with romantic andmilitary elements.

The Trends

All of designers featured:
Plus Size Models
Older Models
Models That Represented All Sexual Preferences
Lots of Yellow, Khaki, Black and White
Proud Zionists around the world can find amazing additions to their wardrobes from the latest Tel Aviv Fashion Week.

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