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Telegenic deaf TV anchor in Taiwan creating global buzz with unique style

TV anchor woman in Taiwan who is deaf and works for the nation’s public television network, Sue Wang Shiao-su, has created a global buzz and a Facebook fan base for her unique, outgoing presentation style. She’s not a news signer shown in a small circle at the bottom of your screen, but a full-time news anchor shown on the full screen who presents the news as any news anchor on TV does.

Wang, 45, anchors the news for a government-funded TV program that airs 8-8:30 a.m.daily. She signs out the news by reading from a teleprompter and using the same content as what hearing anchors use. Her style of presentation captures her outgoing personality and her love of communicating with viewers. Her Facebook page has over 20,000 fans nationwide, and as the global buzz rises, she is becoming popular among deaf communities worldwide.

She has been doing this in Taipei since 2002 and has won national TV awards for her work. Sue is also a popular runway model and an actress.

The media in Taiwan has covered this story about Sue Wang, but not one English-language newspaper has covered it. I am hoping to find a reporter outside Taiwan to tell her story to the BBC or the USA media or anywhere in English-speaking world.

Sue is the only news anchor who is deaf in the world with such an animated and unique style of signing and anchoring a news program,. Even though I cannot understand sign language, it is a pleasure to watch her every morning on the local public TV station at 8 a.m. I found the show by chance one day while channel surfing a few months ago and I was hooked. I want the whole world to know about Sue Wang now, outside Taiwan. Her message is a very important one.

A USA news site called the ”Moth Daily,” which delivers news in video using American Sign Language as well as text, recently published a story about Wang.

“In Taiwan, there is a deaf woman who works as a TV news anchor,” reported the website, which is run by Alex Abenchucan. It also published a 15-minute video. The segment about Wang starts at the 14:25 mark, with photographs and videos of the news anchor. Abenchuchan said it was the first time that a report about a deaf Taiwanese was published on his website.

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