Telling the truth like a big liar

I don’t know how to lie.

Convincingly, that is.

Many people don’t. It’s a skill you need to develop over time.

Anytime I try to lie my mouth gets all dry, I start to blink uncontrollably, my eyes dart around looking for a quick exit and I usually blurt out ridiculous statements that in no way would come from the more calm, undisturbed me.

I cannot successfully fabricate a new and believable reality, in real time that is. It is because of this cold hard fact that my mom and I came to the mutually beneficial understanding of what we like to call: If-you-don’t-want-to-know-don’t-ask.

This approach is not about living in denial. It’s about being able to sleep at night believing that your daughter is at home in bed alone, that your hair looks fine, your new business idea is revolutionary and innovative and that your teenager really loves you but just hasn’t figured out how to show it yet.

Don’t we all prefer many of these lies over their alternative truths? We lie to ourselves and others regularly, sometimes because of what we want to hear and other times because of what needs to be told.

I listened to Bibi’s speech at the GA last night and thought about how this approach to truths revisited is rampant in all levels of society.

The world really wants to believe that Iran needs enriched uranium for peaceful purposes so who are we to stand in their way? Of course, Peres should stay in politics at the ripe old age of ninety and yes, having huge conferences at the expense of funds that could be used for charitable institutions is justifiable.

I mean, what value do truths have when the alternative is so much easier to absorb even when it should be obvious to anyone but an absolute idiot that it is all a bunch of crock?

Or are they just truths revisited?

I recently experienced what it is to speak truths that seem absurd, when the lies are so much more believable. Telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth almost led me to want to break down and yell out big fat lies just to make my truths sound more convincing.

Yes mom, I slept at home last night.


I had a nice dinner with my good friend.

We hung out and then I left. No nothing else to report. Really!

Nothing. Else.

I probably will just read tonight and go to bed early.

Oh, and Iran wants enriched uranium for peace.

I swear. It’s the truth.

About the Author
Devora Mason is a single mom of five who works in business development focusing on unique Israeli technology,and Innovation, specializing in subjects from AR/VR to the stars and back! Her life experiences lead her to write about social issues and people that she encounters in Israel. As a consultant she enjoys her work with Israeli startups and corporate entities and is currently the VP of Global partnerships at StellarNova, a female founded startup focusing on STEM blended education and media content for kids.
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