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Temple Mount Silence — an open letter to Carta Jerusalem

Dear Carta Jerusalem,
I recently heard that archaeologist Leen Ritmeyer had written a new, complete guide to the Temple Mount. I hadn’t seen it in stores, so I decided to contact you to ask if the book had been published, hoping I could order directly from you, the publisher.

Unfortunately, not only is the book not available, I received this extremely dissapointing response:
Dear Yoel,

We at Carta appreciate your interest and are grateful for your intent to purchase Ritmeyer’s latest work once it is available. Publication of JERUSALEM THE TEMPLE MOUNT has been delayed, heeding . . . a time to keep silence, and a time to speak (Ecclesiastes 3:7).

Given the current regrettable spate of incidents in Jerusalem, Ritmeyer’s Interfaith Guide, which relates in great detail – and separately – to specific sites of interest to Jews and Christians, not only Muslims, deserves better timing, hopefully ahead of the festival season.

I must admit that I was not expecting this response, which I understand as Carta telling me that, now is the “time to keep silent” regarding the historical connections of non-Muslims to the Temple Mount.

As one who depends on your publications for research and educational presentations, I am personally hurt, offended and bewildered (as I’m sure are thousands of other Jews and Christians) at your apparent decision to suppress Ritmeyer’s work at a time when interest in the Temple Mount is at a level we haven’t seen in decades.

Yoel Keren

If you’d like to see Jerusalem – The Temple Mount published, you can contact the publisher directly at

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