Esor Ben-Sorek

Terrible Tensions and Change

The most dirty and vile election campaign ended months of tension, hope, and despair. It was the worst of all our political campaigns with filth and degradation by parties hungry for a victory which failed.

The one man behind the dirt was Binyamin (Bibi) Netanyahu who has “ruled” over us for more than ten years, a man who cannot live with defeat, a man who despises Arab elected members of our Knesset, a man who would prostitute himself for a single extra seat in our parliament.

Today he is in the greatest despair of his political life. Sara, the witch, and Yair the foul-mouthed son who managed his campaign with slander at those who did not support the senior member of the Netanyahu clan are probably wasting their time today preparing for new pleas to the public to save Bibi from the hands of Blue and White and Israeli-Arabs.

Hopefully their filth will reveal to the public and to our esteemed president Reuven Rivlin who must be the new Prime Minister of the Jewish and democratic State of Israel. As for me, it must be Benny Gantz.

Soon Bibi Netanyahu will be formally indicted on four criminal charges. If he is found guilty he will be sentenced to prison. One of my neighbors remarked that if he is sent to prison he will probably commit suicide. He cannot live with the shame. His ego does not permit it. No decent Israeli would hope for it.

For months I lived with the tensions born from the corruption and slander of politicians determined to keep their seats in the halls of Israel’s democracy. I prayed for change. I prayed that Israel would cease to be a puppet state in the hands of 16th century medieval religious zealots. I prayed for democracy over theocracy. And today, I believe that most of my prayers have been answered in accordance with my intentions.

The circus-like political system must be changed. Our 41 political parties must meet political deaths and a newborn system of not more than 4 political parties must be created into law. Only 4 parties: left, right, religious and Arabs. Less paper slips at the voting booths and more hope from angry voters.

On the Shabbat immediately preceding the September 17th elections my tensions were happily put aside for a time, joining with 18 members of my beloved family celebrating the 86th birthday of my wonderful cousin Binyamin on a magnificent weekend in a luxurious hotel in Netanya only a few steps away from the Mediterranean Sea.

The waters from my balcony almost touched my feet. More importantly, they touched my heart. The blue waters of the Sea and the white waves washing up on the crystal-clear sands reenforced my conviction that the colors blue and white were a soothing relief to cleanse us from the filth, dirt, and foul-mouthed candidates desperate to humiliate and defame one another.

And so it was on the 17th day of this month at 7:45 in the morning that I cast my ballot for Blue and White, symbolic of the colors of our national flag and the blue and white waters splashing from the Mediterranean Sea.

Sharing the birthday celebration of my beloved cousin Binyamin together with his loving wife, children, grandchildren and a few friends was the best gift anyone could give to me. I rejoiced in the loving company of my only remaining family from my father’s side.

Eighteen of us together was a number symbolic in Judaism to “chai”…. to “life”.

We ate, drank, sang, prayed, hugged, kissed, blessed, played, and gave thanks for the great pleasure of sharing our family love together. God has blessed me with such a wonderful loving family. They give meaning to my life

I could not go on living without Binyamin, Shula. Eitan, Tammy, Hava, Tal and Yuval, Yonatan and Michelle, Tomer, Noa and baby Itai. They are my true happiness, my greatest joy, my life.

For two days in Netanya, my tensions were calmed. No talk of politics. Only hugs, more kisses, and much love.

But life changes from one day to the next. Only three days after the Netanya vacation it was back to elections and political reality. 56 seats for Netanyahu. 55 seats for Gantz. Still not too-far away from the required 61 seats to form a government.

More name-calling, more anti-Arab accusations from the foul mouth of a desperate Prime Minister clinging to hope for his political and dictatorial salvation.
I need not record in details all the election results to date. Readers know the facts. Many ballots from soldiers have still not been counted.

President Rivlin cannot determine who will be our Prime Minister until the last ballot is counted.

Millions of Israeli voters, like me, will continue to believe in a Blue and White complete victory. Bibi’s hope for a rotation with Likud and Blue and White may still be his last chance to remain in office. Hopefully, God willing, he will be wrong.

A new prime minister with clean hands and clean mouth must replace the filth of the Netanyahus. Too much power corrupts and there has been no shortage of corruption, bribery, theft of government funds, lies and deceit from Binyamin and Sara Netanyahu.

It’s time for payment. It’s time for change. It’s time for the dreams of honest government of the people, by the people and for the people of Israel to be re-born after ten years of a corrupt leader

My long months of terrible tension will give way to a change for the better, for the revival of honest Zionism and a diminished power of the hungry zealots in the ultra-orthodox parties as Avigdor Lieberman has demanded and will create a re-birth of the Israel we love.

For now, it’s time for Bibi and Sara to begin packing and moving out of the palatial residence on Balfour street in Jerusalem and move to the mansion in Caesarea.

It’s time for 27 year old Yair to find a job and to end the many years of being the spoiled brat repulsive fouled mouth son of a hopefully out-going father who deceived and cheated the citizens of Israel, Jews and Arabs equally.

Change is the current political climate throughout the cities, towns and villages of Israel.

An end to tension. A new hope for a better change.

In Leoncavallo’s 1892 opera. Pagliaccio, Canio’s sad aria is the prophetic message for today.

“Ridi, Pagliaccio, sui tuo amore infranto ! Ridi del duol, che t’avvalena il cor! “ e finito.

“Laugh clown, your love is broken! Laugh of the pain , that poisons your heart !” It is finished

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Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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