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Terror attach in Manchester, England

Late last night, ISIS terrorists perpetrated another attack, this time in Manchester, England.  (Earlier accounts had not identified the responsible party, but this morning ISIS claimed credit for it.)  Once again, they picked a “soft” target, detonating a bomb in the lobby of a concert hall where the pop entertainer Ariana Grande had just concluded her performance.  The latest estimates of casualties were in excess of 20 killed and 60 injured.  A disproportionate number of the victims were teenagers and/or pre-teens.

This represents a continuation of terrorists’ predilection for attacking “soft” targets, such as malls, schools, churches, clubs and concerts.  Many people, including yours truly, have predicted this as an obvious strategy.  It enables them to inflict maximum fear and disruption of our normal way of life.  It can make one feel that “no place is safe.”

Witnesses described frightened teens and pre-teens, who moments before had been enjoying a concert, sitting around in groups sobbing for their parents.  The image is heart-rending.  The traumatic affect on these kids will likely be considerable and long-lasting.

This was the deadliest terrorist attack on British soil since 2005.  British Prime Minister Theresa May characterized it as “callous” and “cowardly.”  As I write this, police believe it was executed by a single suicide bomber, but based on past experience I believe their investigation will disclose that he had logistical and financial support from others.  According to CNN British police are citing this attack as evidence that there is a widespread terror network operating in the country, and more attacks are likely.

Terrorism has been on the rise in Europe in recent years, and GB has been on a “severe terror alert.”  Some of the significant terror attacks in Europe in the last 12 months include:

  1.  7/14/16 – In Nice, France, a truck plowed into revelers celebrating Bastille Day killing 86.
  2. 12/19/16 – In Berlin twelve were killed when a hijacked truck plowed through a Christmas market.
  3. 3/22/17 – In London four people were killed when a terrorist drove an SUV into a group of pedestrians on Westminster Bridge.  He then stabbed a policeman.
  4. 4/17/17 – In Stockholm, Sweden a terrorist drove a truck into a group of pedestrians in a department store killing four persons.


Any objective observer cannot view this latest terror attack in isolation.  It should be obvious that it is part of a coordinated series of terror attacks by a group or groups of terrorist cells.

In my opinion, in Europe we are seeing the culmination of decades of lax immigration policies and an excess of political correctness.   At this point, a considerable amount of damage has been done and the problem may be approaching the point where it will become irreversible.

In the US we should view the European situation as a warning.  It is providing us with empirical information of what can and likely will happen here prospectively if we fail to take corrective action now.  The evidence is right in front of us.  It is actual, not theoretical. We must increase our border security, enhance our vetting procedures, and strengthen our law enforcement policies towards immigrants. Otherwise, before long, we may find ourselves in a similar situation.

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