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Terrorism – don’t get emotional Part 1.

I do not expect politicians to be clairvoyant.

Like technology, medicine, and most things in the universe, our understanding of conflict resolution depends on seeing what works and adapting what doesn’t.

But come on.

I don’t understand why Israel hasn’t changed tactics yet.

Why am I arguing that Israel needs to be the party to change its tactics? Because it is suffering from the current situation and appealing to the world hasn’t worked.

From where I stand, the key to ending the conflict is to keep emotions out of it; see what works, adapt what doesn’t. That’s it.

Unemotional (yet moral) analysis of terrorism can be impossible as innocent people are murdered and there are two nations living with Traumatic Stress Disorder. But if you truly, seriously, want the conflict to end, surely you have to deal with the problem objectively; See, Adapt, Repeat.

Israel has recently restarted its policy of demolishing the empty houses of terrorists as a disincentive to potential terrorists.

The theory: you won’t commit terror attacks if you know your family will be made homeless as a result.

Does it work? Nope. Not from the IDF’s own perspective (see Asher Schechter’s recent article for details).

I refuse to believe that Israel can do nothing else to stop terrorist attacks. This is a nation with plenty of ‘blah blah blahs.’ You know, “made the desert bloom”, “survived against all odds,” etc.

We are no strangers to adversity. In no other situation do we maintain a broken strategy. Israel has smart citizens that consistently beat the odds. We can achieve peace. And we will.

Provided we see, adapt, repeat.


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