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Terrorism – don’t get emotional Part 2

I’m over the fact that the world has a double standard.

I want to talk about ending murder please.

Right now I don’t care that Israel’s response to terrorism is reported by CNN while the terror itself is not (“4 Israelis, 2 Palestinians killed in synagogue attack, Israeli police say” on November 18 2014). I care, but there are plenty of other people getting angry at broadcasters; they don’t need more right now.

They are right. It isn’t fair. But getting angry doesn’t do anything. Getting angry isn’t cool anymore; getting calm and working to fix the problem is now cool. Spread the word.

The Problem: Hamas and Fatah, the Arab Palestinian leadership in Gaza and the West Bank, respectively, indoctrinate children to murder Jews and Israelis from birth. This includes videos like this on their equivalent of Sesame Street (check out IMPACT’s Al-Fateh Report for more).

This is a bad problem to have, but responding to it is better than complaining about it.

The Current Response: I honestly have no idea.

Is Israel supporting / protecting / encouraging Arab Palestinian education that contains less murder & devastation?

Is Israel broadcasting free school lessons over the radio or internet (a method used in rural Australia) as an educational alternative?

These education measures are security issues. I’m not suggesting that the solutions to these problems are simple or easy.

I’m suggesting that we’re smart enough to come up with them anyway.


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