Thank You, Iran

No, I’m not crazy nor do I have a death wish. And no, I still am concerned about this Mad Mullah Menace rushing on the pathway to a nuclear weapon-unless the leadership of the so called Great Powers put a stop  to watching videos of Neville Chamberlain declaring “peace in our time” with Hitler’s foul signature on a piece of paper that , in reality, had less virtue than the PLO Covenant.

I really do not expect the United States under its current incompetent and cowardly national administration to take the lead in fighting evil as it used to do when it had generals and presidents that weren’t afraid of leading the charge against the enemy. Nor do I believe that a totally emasculated Western Europe will rise up against an Islamist adversary that is rapidly invading those former nations of grandeur and ethics for fear of being labelled with terms like Islamophobe or racist. With the rise of multiculturalism as a pretext for the inundation of Islamists and their agendas for encroaching upon the once proud civilization that was spawned by the creators of a liberal and free Europe can anyone expect the leaders of these countries to adhere to their ancient values and modern traditions?  By the way, where was there no outcry sufficient to demonstrate the repugnance of the actions of Nazi Germany in the 1930s, or were those who sought to warn the world of its dangers afraid of being labelled Germanophobic?

Anyway, what has happened, thanks to the Hegemonic Hitlers of Persia, the Terrorists of Teheran, is that the entire Arab middle east has finally woken up to the real danger confronting their nations. It  not the tiny, Jewish country of Israel, but the hungry, imperialist leaders of an Imperial Iran whose Shi’ite masters want to swallow them up and seize their wealth in oil, land and routes of commerce.

As much as Iran resounds with the cries of “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” its true aim is to dominate and conquer the Sunni Arab nations around it. Teheran already controls the capital cities of Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon through proxy wars and support for local terrorists. Recently, the Iranian Navy sent two warships off the coast of Yemen, another country that the mullahs want so they can control the Bab el Mandeb and the entrance to the Red Sea.  Just last month, the Iranian Navy built and sunk a replica of a United States Navy aircraft carrier the admiral of that Persian fleet declared that his force could sink the entire american naval presence in the Persian Gulf. Yet, the American president wants to make a friend out of this rogue nation whose Supreme Leader leads tens of thousands of Iranian citizens into declaring their hatred for the USA, instigates the burning of American flags and parades with effigies of the US president engulfed in flames?

Doesn’t the term “Supreme Leader” sound a lot like “Der Fuehrer?”

Recently, even some of Israel’s most vicious enemies are proclaiming their enmity for the gangsters of Teheran. After the colossal failure of the American policy of retreat in Iraq and Afghanistan and the rush to make a deal with Iran over the issue of nuclear weapons, many of America’s long time Arab allies are realizing that Obama’s doctrine of “leading from behind” is abandoning them to a fate that, in a politics make strange bedfellow way, is bringing them closer to Israel.

For once, and about time, the Arab states that have shed gallons of blood and hordes of treasure to eradicate the Jewish state understand that this is a policy of zero sum gamesmanship. They are slowly, and mostly likely covertly, coming to comprehend that the real issue for their own survival is not the end of Israel, but the need for cooperation with Israel to confront a common foe. All the decades spent fighting for the “Palestinians” has earned them nothing but futility and the ingratitude of that people for all that has been done on their behalf-including three bloody wars attempting to exterminate a nation that has always held out its hand for peace with its Arab neighbors.

When the Saudi foreign minister in recent days claimed that Hamas was responsible for the tragedy of Gaza and its people-that Hamas was responsible for last year’s confrontation with Israel-that should have sent a huge wake up call to the other Arab states in the region that the “Palestinians” are not worth the effort, the bloodshed, the financial assistance and the political support. It should finally make crystal clear to the world that the central issue in the Middle East is not the  so-called “national rights of the Palestinians” but the rise of imperial Iran attempting to re-incarnate the Persian Empire as a Shiite Caliphate. A caliphate to be paid for with the blood of Sunni and Christian Arabs and the end of Israel. Hopefully, none of those will be brought to fruition.

I see a possible alliance of common interests, maybe even a Middle East version of NATO, coming about with Israel, Egypt, Jordan and some of the Moslem states of North Africa. Together, this alliance could form a powerful economic power with vast military resources that could defeat an Iranian led enemy and jointly co-operate to destroy ISIS and prevent the development of nuclear weapons by the Mad Mullahs. Even without the United States and Europe, we, the people of the Levant, could share our technologies, our economic resources and become the Fertile Crescent of learning, co-operation and peace.

So, it might be premature, and also a bit naive, to think that this could really happen, but dreams have a way of coming true sometimes. Even the late Israeli prime minister, David Ben Gurion, used to contemplate such an arrangement, not for war, but to better the lives of all peoples of the region.

After all, don’t we still believe in “Im tirzu, ein zo agada?” “If you will it, it is not a legend?”

About the Author
Irwin was born in New York City and is now retired. He lives in Maaleh Adumim since making aliyah 7 years ago.