Marc Goldberg

Thank you, Nazis of England

When a Jewish community can't agree on one single thing ever, who you gonna call?

I’d like to send out a thank you to the Nazi scum who have decided to take to Golders Green on the 4th of July to “demonstrate against Jewish privilege”.

They have succeeded in uniting British Jewry in a way no Jewish communal organisation ever could.

Since the press reported on the demonstration there has been a monumental feeling of outrage both within the Jewish community and without.

An immediate grassroots move to hold a counter demonstration is in full force. Hatred of the Nazis is so crystal clear, so visceral, so widespread that groups who just a few months ago were on opposite sides of demonstrations about Israel are now planning on demonstrating alongside one another.

The famously fractious British Jewish community instantly came together in opposition to the hatred that will not die.

One reason for this Nazi demonstration is posted on a site so avowedly antisemitic that I won’t do them the credit of providing a link to the site. They said this;

British Nationalists, National Socialists and Fascists are coming together on Saturday the 4th July to protest the Jewish occupation of Britain and the Jewish privilege which sets up the Jews as the occupying power, as the most important, best funded and most facilitated group in the country, in an historic demonstration to be held in the occupied Jewish mini-theocratic state of Golders Green.”

The only thing so far historic about this demonstration is the level to which these occasionally sober, Nazi thugs have managed to unify a community as never before.

They have also ensured British society is rallying around the Jewish community.

It is typical of the kinds of imbeciles that make up the Nazi groups that their attempts to sow fear, panic and a sense of isolation within the Jewish community have had precisely the opposite effect. This community is not scared.

It is outraged!

Petty politics have been swept aside, Zionists will be standing alongside left wing ideologues in joint opposition to this organisation of hatred, this demonstration from those who would destroy democracy, these anti democratic, Nazi filth.

So thank you Nazis, you have united a community, and a society against the disgusting hatred you embody and the misery you wish to impose upon innocent people everywhere.

The Jews of England stand united against you, the people of England stand united against you. The country that refused to surrender, that pledged to fight you on the beaches and in the towns and on the landing grounds and in the fields and in the streets but to never surrender stands firm against you still.

Slither into Golders Green with your police protection and then slither out under cover of the same escort. Know only that by your actions you have strengthened those you hate the most.

About the Author
Marc Goldberg is the author of Beyond the Green Line, a story his service in the IDF fighting through the al Aqsa Intifada