Thanks Israel for shining your light into this darkened world.

This post is dedicated to the over 60 Kedoshim – holy Israeli soldiers, that lost their lives defending their people, ensuring the survival of Am Yisroel, by protecting Eretz Yisroel.

This post is dedicated as well to all those innocent civilians, innocent children who thanks to the brutality of Hamas, were literally marched by gunpoint back into live war zones. Marched to their death, to be used as propaganda in the war of public opinion, long after they fell, clumsily- to the Jewish warriors, their superior in battle, courage, and above all their superiors in the moral battleground.

While the IDF were in Gaza, they provided a brief glimmer of hope to the poor innocent people of GAZA, trapped still, under the brutality of Hamas, where they will remain the political pawns of a sick and crazed terror apparatus. Freed from Hamas there would be no need for more blockades, allowing innocent moderate people to get on with the business of life, in peaceful coexistence with their Jewish cousins.

The irony here lies in the fact that with the influence and power of Hamas and similar Muslim terror groups on the rise, Israel has become less inclined, to enter into agreements even with moderates, who seem incapable of confronting the growing number of radicals among them.
Supporting Israel in this campaign would have been the right move for those who believe a two state solution is an actual solution.

After this however, the prospects of Israel allowing themselves to become twenty times as vulnerable as they are in Gaza right now has effectively taken the two state solution off the table.

This is all another example of how miserably world leadership fails the freedom movement yet again.

Freedom seekers in The middle east have all but given up hope of ever basking in its warmth, the sweetness of liberty’s soft light. A warmth that we enjoy daily, one that we must never take for granted.

In different times when the moral compass of the world pointed in the right direction, the Israelis would have been cheered on by decent people all over the world. Today those pockets of decency have been forced underground by bullying mobs of Jew haters masquerading in the most vile way as humanitarians.

In different times much of this bloodshed could have been avoided, and the freedom of the Gazans would have been established the first day of the battle. Only now the EU wakes up after all the death, and offers to rebuild Gaza in exchange for Hamas disarmament .The IDF was on the ground, on track to do the very same thing. Our young brave gentle heroes, gave their lives for this. Left alone Gaza would be free already, empowering moderates to begin living normally.

My fellow Jews who were posting #peace on their Facebook walls right before their morning starbucks run, while their brothers were crawling through tunnels in hostile territory, snidely insinuating that these young kids, good kind kids, who risked their lives for a REAL cause, were the aggressors somehow, will have ample time to search their own souls this YOM KIPPUR, while reciting the AL CHET for letting their brothers down when they needed them the most.

For not cheering them on in the course of trying to liberate the very people whose “genocide” they were being accused of.

For standing on the sidelines tacitly endorsing the twisted narratives of the haters.

While Israel stands alone as a beacon of light, one that never shies away from shining that light, the rest of the world echoes hollow “yes we can” battle cries, while whispering their “no we cant, and no we won’t!”

And the true genocide continues. Today. Right Now.

In Sudan. In Syria. In Iraq. etc etc etc.
The Genocide in Darfur continues as the little baby Obamas named after their hopeful saviour, now no longer babies, grow up imprisoned in their refugee camps. Yes it’s true. Many mothers named their children for our president, based on the promises he made to rescue them once he became president.

The rest of Europe has taken their cue from us and looked the other way as well.

Here’s A little quiz for all you free free palestine nitwits out there.

Do you have any idea how many people have been murdered in the South of Sudan in the last seven months? OVER TEN THOUSAND.

Do you have any idea how many of them have fled their homes in this country on the brink of famine?OVER ONE AND A HALF MILLION.

Do you have any idea how many of them have been displaced during the course of this conflict?

Do you help them? Do you even know where Sudan is?

No worries, they know not to expect you. THEY DO HAVE ISRAID-  a coalition of Israeli and Jewish groups that provides assistance to developing countries. Read about the good work of actual humanitarians.

For all you brainwashed #freegaza Twitter terrorists on your coffee break, google “Israel humanitarian efforts in third world countries.” READ IT. If you still have any remnants of a soul left, you will realize that every Israeli soldier that died, did so for #freegaza.

Al aileh ani bochia, I cry for you and for me, for our children, for the worlds children, who are growing up in the shadow of this modern day Towering Babble of confusion.

I cry for A dazed world, in which a hero like Max Steinberg is called a criminal.

I cry for A world where ISIS is not what Yiddish speaking Chassidic children call Popsicles.

I cry for An insane world where a barbaric pig dripping with the blood of his own people, his own children- is called a freedom fighter.

I cry for A world where a so called UN peace keeping mission headquarters, moonlights as a warehouse for rockets and ammunition.

I cry for A world where an oasis of goodness, light, and democracy is labeled an apartheid state by its own morally challenged brothers from abroad, mumbling their incoherent talking points, from wrinkled post it notes – all while Hamas grins- thanking you for being a soldier in THEIR cause, which you can read about fully in their charter.

They and theirs get to live another day, and in that day, they will remain busy – systematically butchering their own people, executing Gay people, mutilating their women and beating innocent Gaza civilians, who upon being informed of a defensive operation being carried in their neighborhood in advance by Israeli TEXT messages, tried fleeing only to be turned back at gunpoint by the “goverment” they voted in to protect them.

I beg of you please get on your Facebook page, Twitter acct. and show Israel a little love today.
Show your appreciation for the sacrifice of a slain Israeli soldier.


PLEASE come join me at 5:30 tonight at City hall plaza in Boston for the Rally in Solidarity with Israel. The Jewish Community needs you. Israel needs you. We all need one another.


Rabbi Yossi


About the Author
Rabbi Yossi Lipsker is the co-founder and executive Director of Chabad of the North Shore and spiritual leader of the Chabad Community Shul. He can be reached at
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