Thanks to Liberman, Israel heads to the polls again

It’s as though we aren’t considering the danger of the Iranian threat anymore, or the actions of Iranian proxies in Syria and Lebanon.

It’s as though we aren’t considering the fact that the Hamas threat and Gazan violence is again gaining momentum.

It’s as though we aren’t considering the fact that on the foreign stage the high level support amongst several world leaders for the Jewish course, require a stable government in Israel.

Most importantly, it’s as though we aren’t considering President Donald Trump’s peace plan and the danger a delay in its unveiling will pose, seeing that the United States would head to the polls in 2020, which will be a much dangerous time politically to Unveil it.

Firstly Liberman has shown that he places political correctness over Israeli foreign relations, stability and security in the long run. In placing all stakes to join the coalition on the Haredim bill, he closed his eyes to the reality of what another elections could mean for the Israeli economy; Thousands of shekels have been wasted for the past elections, and thousands more will be for the next. Futhermore, the Haredim bill isn’t the only bill the Knesset had on it’s agenda; infact joining the government would have given Liberman an ample time to seek a compromise and come out with a much acceptable resolution, however this isn’t the case with Avigdor Liberman’s ideology, in his view the entirety of Israeli foreign relations, economic realities, security, education, technological advancement, etc would have to wait just until he settles his issue with the Ultra-orthodox parties; which issue is no-issue, what a sad reality! If all parties stake their points of difference as the underlying formula for establishing a government, we may end up creating a society in limbo with no government. There exist greater points of unity of which Liberman could hinge his ideologies on but sadly they were irrelevant to him.

Secondly, personal ambition have been placed over compromise, which also is another negation to the spirit of Israel’s politics. This is a democracy, where the good of the country is of more relevance, and greater than the ambitious desire of any political actor. However both the means and the end of this present quagmire have proven sour. While Liberman may be commended for his resolute stance, his refusal to make a compromise for the good of the country seem to place him more on par with the leftists, who would never budge for a right wing proposal.

While many didn’t see this coming, here’s the unplanned results we must all be waiting for; First, there will be less concern about Iran at least for now; since the political climate have again gotten heated up, more promises will fly through the air, and more time would be spent on campaign activities, which is exactly what Iran wants; as the more distracted the state of Israel is, the more time Iran gets to spread it’s tentacles unchecked through the middle-east,

Secondly alot of Israel’s foreign affairs would come to a halt, giving the Bds movement more time to spread hate and negativity about the Jewish state. Israel’s strength in the international community, have been her ability to push a strong and stable administration before both friends and foes; leaving them with no choice but to either throw in their weight of support or reveal a bestial nature of animosity (always to their own hurt), but the next few months would leave friends in limbo, and foes more resolute than they ever had been, with enough time to cause a damage.

Thirdly, the possibility of President Trump’s peace plan been unveiled this year may have to be halted, until after the elections; remember 2020 would be a wrong time to Unveil it too, as the United States would be heading into another elections. Thus we may not get to savor the true taste of the contents of the peace plan outside political gamings and intrigues which may come in the way.

While Liberman may celebrate his seeming victory at the negotiation table, it’s obvious that alot more issues are now at stake than they ever before were.

About the Author
S Ovwata Onojieruo is a Theologian and Political scientist, with major interest in Political theory, Middle-east politics (especially as it affects the Jewish state), and international relations. He currently works as an High school tutor/debate coach, and can be reached on twitter @OvwataS
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