That Magic Word “Halakha”

Let me say this about that magic word “halakha”…

One thing I have found about Halakha is that many people aren’t in agreement on it. Different views on what is Halakha I am ok with. But many people aren’t. Cause everyone’s own “Halakha” is RIGHT. Let me give you an example. Go into a Jewish Facebook group and ask for a halakha on something with a source. You will get ten different “halakhas” on the same thing with sources all based on something.

Also, talk to a Lubavitcher, then an Orthodox Jew then a Modern Orthodox Jew often you will get different “halakhas.” Even between two Orthodox Jews, you will find different “halakhas.” Extend that to adding a Reform or Conservative Jew to the conversation more different “halakhas”  will enter the mix.

Now I can agree to disagree. But many people around me INSIST that ONLY they are following the Torah, they are right, EVERYONE else is wrong, and their Halakha is the ONLY Halakha. Sure they are, and sure it is. (Whatever will make them shut up.) The bottom line is in the world of a million “halakhas” we all shouldn’t put each other’s “halakhas” down. We should agree to disagree. And understand that this way works for me and that way works for you and that is OK. You DON’T have to FORCE your HALAKHA on me.

 Originally published on Andrea Karshan-A Portfolio of My Work
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Andrea Karshan was a Staff Reporter and Social Media Manager for Kings County Politics. She also has been a Staff Writer for The Banner, the official newspaper of the College of Staten Island.
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