That Old French Stench

Sigh…is it even worth it to complain or inveigh against the French? After all, France has had no backbone as a nation since the wild days of Napoleon Bonaparte, but “you know,” as our ingenue Secretary of State likes to stupidly say, remove the Chanel No. 5 and the French basically stink.

Come on. Can no journalist out there connect the dots between the story from October 4, “Bypassing Israel, French capital endorses unprecedented agreement with ‘East Jerusalem’” and one from today, “France’s Hollande vows more security to allay Jewish fears”?

“I have reaffirmed that the state will not compromise in fighting racism and anti-Semitism. Nothing must be tolerated,” Hollande told reporters outside the presidential palace.

What a load of merde from Monsieur Hollande, a morality meesekite up there with the best of them. Because nothing will be tolerated, of course, except the usual kowtowing to the “majority” French minority.
Note to Elysee Palace: you can’t allow your lovely capital city to give a state-sanctioned bear hug to folks who wouldn’t even have the basic courtesy to let Jews pray at ancient sites that are holy to them, without simultaneously handing a nice bouquet of hate to the French anti-Semites now pointing their guns at the unprotected Paris synagogues du jour.
By doing so, you embolden the artisans of enmity who are such a woefully prominent feature of the French social landscape.
Where is Nicholas Sarkozy when French Jews need him? That’s a man who dealt in sticks, not carrots. For now, as long as the French kitchen is such a moral hot mess, the Jews of France will continue to be in danger.
After the completely unforgivable and entirely preventable catastrophe of French Jews during the Second World War, the fact that the situation today in France is thus, is an insult to Jews and other normal people everywhere.
Oh Paris, you’re pretty as poison.