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The 4.6 & 5.8 Israeli Quakes = נחמו ( Comfort )


The Israeli Government Posted A Video How To React During An Earthquake

On Tuesday, an earthquake measuring 5.8 on the Richter Scale was felt here in Israel. The Israeli Government is very concerned for its citizens and posted a video with instructions how to react if a severe earthquake become a reality which can be viewed at the following link-

I previously wrote a Blog about another earthquake felt here measuring 4.6 that took place in Mid-May of 2019 which can be viewed at the following link published on August 18, 2020-

G-d Appears To Be Sending All Of Us A Strong Message Of Comfort

Combine 4.6 & 5.8 without the decimal points again gives us the Hebrew word for comfort or נחמו using Gematria calculated as follows-

58 = נח plus 46 = מו   therefore combining these two – two letter Hebrew words we arrive at the word נחמו.

It seems that just like my previous Blog where I pointed out G-d guarantees us of our survival, Tuesday’s earthquake appears to be confirming this fact. Many people have confirmed they felt this quake so the simple fact that the two Richter Scale readings equal to the word Comfort using Gematria is something that must not be ignored.

But It Goes Much Deeper Than This When We Actually Look At What Has Taken Place Since That Initial Quake Of 4.6.

As I have previously pointed out many times, there have been so many events and facts involving the number 46 which have turned out to be a disaster, to put it mildly.

Heading the list for me is the lack respect given Minnesota native and former Vice President Hubert Humphrey who played a major role in the Civil Rights Act. Humphrey’s legacy has all but been forgotten by the Democratic Party.

Instead, George Floyd, who had a very disturbing criminal record, and was in the process of passing a counterfeit $20 bill is their hero who was 46 when he died. His death resulted in riots, looting, arson and murders which turned my hometown of Minneapolis as well as many other major cities into the perfect example of what the Torah in Parshat Noah describes as a victim of Hamas (חמס). I refer here also to the double meaning of Hamas that applies today which is Israel’s enemy, and is supported by Omar, who was banned from entering Israel.

Witness 46 – Common Sense

As I have previously mentioned, during the George Floyd trial the prosecution referred to a 46th witness – Common Sense – who was not in court. They wanted the jury to decide based on Common Sense if the defendant was guilty of killing George Floyd.

Using that same logic, it makes no sense that the Democrats refuse to investigate Omar along with all other Hamas supporters in Congress who wish for the day of our destruction.

What May Have Triggered G-d’s Wrath To Warn Our Enemies In The Form Of The Earthquake Measuring 5.8?

That earthquake represents Parshat Noah where G-d wipes out all forms of חמס and its supporters who are responsible for the crime taking place on earth.

Today Israel Remains Under Constant Threat Of Attack By Hamas Which Wants To Destroy Us

The following public rally demanding the destruction of Israel and all my fellow Jews took place a few months ago. It can be viewed at the following link-

This rally took place in Sydney, Australia not Gaza. It seems highly likely similar rallies are being held in other parts of the world as you read this Blog.

Therefore Common Sense dictates no member of Congress should be allowed to remain in their seat until they are fully investigated for among other things ties to enemies of the US, which includes Hamas.

By continuing to refuse to investigate these lawmakers this most likely will result in a collapse of the US Judicial System. Taking Israel’s example and banning these individuals from Congress, is a first step the Democrats must take.

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