The 4 “Other” Questions and Answers

The 4 “other” questions and answers

You’re all familiar with the famous 4 Questions and Answers that are sung during the Seder.  I’d like to introduce you to a different set of questions and answers that are much less familiar.  It’s a question that many of our Olim clients have asked their advisors at Olim Advisors.  The question is the very simple and yet very thought-provoking question “Why is this year different from all the other years?”

There are many answers to this question.  Lots more than 4 in fact.  It’s a question that makes us think about what we accomplished and didn’t accomplish this past year.  It also makes us thing about what we would like to accomplish in the upcoming year.

For some of you, this question is about one major decision that you’ve been grappling with for quite some time.  It’s a question of when you’re going to make Aliyah.  And while there are no right answers to this question, I’d like to share the 4 answers we give people when they call Olim Advisors

  • This upcoming year will be different because you will realize that there is no perfect time to make Aliyah. You will realize that it will be harder and harder to make Aliyah as you get older and you will say “If not now, then when?!”
  • This upcoming year will be different because you will realize that while making Aliyah is very challenging, the challenges are not insurmountable. You will realize that you have it within you to face this challenge head on and persevere.  You will realize that you have family, friends and yes, even strangers who are waiting for you in Israel and ready to help you make Aliyah.
  • This upcoming year will be different because you will realize that while Israel as my friend put it “is a mess but it’s our mess”. You will realize that where you’re currently living is just your temporary residence and it’s time now to come home.
  • This upcoming year will be different because something or someone will inspire you to say “No more delays. No more excuses.  I’m going to make it happen this year”.

If you make this brave, fateful and life changing decision, I can assure you of 4 things:

  1. It’s going to be a very busy, stressful and very exciting year
  2. You’re going to accomplish things you’ve been wanting to accomplish for years
  3. You will ride a roller coast of emotions from axiety to bewilderment to a total sense of being home.
  4. We at Olim Advisors are here from the beginning of your Aliyah experience until you arrive in Israel and far beyond. We are here for you with open arms, an emphatic heart and lots of sound and practical advice to get you through this journey.

To all our readers who celebrate Passover, I’d like to wish you and bless you with a happy and meaningful Pessach.  And when you get towards the end of your Seder and you sing the inspiring few words לשנה הבאה בירושלים Next year in Jerusalem, may this be the last time that you dream about being in Israel next year. Please Gd, the next year you sing this song, you will be living in Jerusalem!

Contact Olim Advisors today and together will make your dream of living in Israel a reality!

About the Author
I have a bachelor's degree in Social Work from Hebrew University. I chose that field because I love helping people. I am proud to be an Israeli and am grateful for the zchut to be living in Israel. I co-founded Olim Advisors to support, guide and advocate for individuals and families during their Aliyah process. I am thrilled to be combining my love of Israel and love of helping people through this organization.