The Abraham Accords (poem)

May He who makes peace

in His high places      

grant peace upon us

עוֹשֶֹה שָׁלוֹם בִּמְרוֹמָיו

הוּא יַעֲשֶֹה שָׁלוֹם עָלֵינוּ


I wish I had a crystal ball.

I would be able to see it all.


Always blood in the land.

No more blood in the sand.

Leaders with blood on their hands.

With a large gathering of fans.

They smiled and spoke so well.

Warmongers, you could tell.


Who is pulling the strings?

I could say a few things.


Then entered a different man.

He was not part of their clan.

He had a different plan.


He listened. And suggested.

He saw it from different angles.

Together with the Biblical angels.

He worked with all the fine peace partners.

With Ridvan, men and women gardeners.


They all agreed

to this creed:

In the spirit of our common ancestor,

Abraham, and Abrahamic ‘half-schwester’.

A new era of peace.

We want our burden ease.

Friendly relations, please.


And the sand that used to be red,

had turned flowery and green, instead.


The Middle East was left without a bump.

You may have guessed his name – Trump.


When life is a burden

and a heavy yoke

it can be eased for certain

with a little joke.




Self-evident truths

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men and women of all classes are born into freedom with equal rights to affordable living space and affordable education; living a meaningful life through work and paying taxes, being able to express one’s full potential via employment or self-employment.




The poem can also be read in this PDF (click here): The Abraham Accords.

About the Author
From London, Britain, Benjamin Kurzweil is sharing his interest in storytelling and comic pun style poems - with a Jewish twist.
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