The Absolute Arrogance Of The EU

The powers of the EU showed this week – once again – what arrogance and hypocrisy looks like.

In a strongly worded message, they warned Israel against the Israeli government’s stated intention to annex parts of Judea and Samaria.

The land the EU is warning Israel against annexing, is land that is not foreign to our people, for it the very heartland of Jewish history from our very beginnings until now. It is land in which our forefathers walked, prayed, lived and died. It is land soaked in our traditions, our fights for freedom against all the occupying powers who have tried to rip it away from us – from ancient history to current events. In its soil lies the sweat and the blood and the tears of thousands of years of history.

And yet the EU, currently drowning under a pandemic that is rendering their countries powerless, still has the nerve to step away from looking after and protecting their own people to try and influence another peoples’ future. They have the nerve to try to interfere in Jewish affairs and Jewish destiny, even as their own people cry out for help.

What arrogance! For this is the same continent in which 6 million of our brethren were murdered by their citizens. This is the same continent in which Jews were expelled out of their countries time and time again. This is the same continent in which pogroms began – where men, women and children were massacred while the powers that be not only ignored the attacks, but played an active part in them. This is the same continent in which entire Jewish communities were wiped off the face of the earth. This is the same continent in which ordinary people laughed at Jews as they were being tortured to death in the streets, just waiting for them to disappear so they could steal their homes and possessions. This is the same continent who learnt nothing from the Holocaust, instead passing unjust laws in many of their countries to pretend they had nothing to do with it. This is the same continent who have tried for decades to rip away modern day Israel’s ability to defend themselves by trying to force them into a policy of appeasement against the Arabs – the same policy they practice constantly with the Arab world.

Now I want to be clear about something.

Europe has no right to ever dictate to the Jewish people what their future should be. They have no right to ever tell the Jewish State of Israel what is legal and what is not. They have no right to ever tell the Jewish people – of which they are directly responsible for murdering a third of us – to ever listen to them. They lack the ability to distinguish what is moral and what is not – for that is something they gave up a long time ago.

The EU lacks all basic principles and certainly does not care about freedom and justice of the Jewish people. They are cowards, for when an EU report was due to come out alleging that China was spreading disinformation about the coronavirus outbreak, the Chinese threatened them not to do, and the shameless Europeans meekly obliged, removing the original criticism.

The EU, who think they have some kind of moral superiority, are hypocrites. They cower to mighty China, but puff their chests against little Israel. They say ‘never again’ in their so-called commemoration of the Holocaust, yet constantly try to influence events that makes words like ‘never again’ meaningless.

We should not listen to the EU not now and not ever, for their criticism is empty and their words mean nothing, and just as we have just commemorated Yom Hasahoah – remembering our fellow Jews murdered in Europe, we also remember the silence of the Europeans through the many years as the Arabs tried to do the very same against our Jewish State.

Israel is a proud independent state whose destiny is in our hands – not the Europeans or the UN or the Americans or anyone else in the world. And whatever future is forged, it will certainly not be guided by those whose principles are skewered and whose morality is sorely lacking.

About the Author
Justin Amler is a South African born, Melbourne based writer who has lived in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.
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