Benjamin Folkinshteyn

The Anti-Terrorist Song

So there are a lot of anti-Israel chants out there but not too many anti-terrorist songs, so I wrote this parody to help — with many apologies to Adam Sandler . . .

Put on your keffiyah
And turn on Al Jazeera;
Forget Assad and Syria
And that Romans named it Palaestina.

Jew hating is the litmus test of life –
Instead of one bad actor we have so many crazy guys!

When you feel like the only kid in town with some morality,
Here’s a list of people who like terrorism unlike you and me.

Rashida Tlaib excuses Hamas insanity;
So do UN Women, Gutteres and AOC.

Guess who waves together flags from river to the sea?
It’s the students from the Ivies joining hands with SJP!

The Red Cross and NYT claim to be for “peace”,
But they are really acting as Hamas’s mouthpiece.

They’ve got “Shame on you!” and “All Zionists are Pigs!”
And they share the bullhorn with Francesca Albanese.

Put on your keffiyah
And turn on Al Jazeera.
The leader of Turkiye
Celebrates Haniyeh.

Deans Gay, McGill and Kornbluth equivocate the facts.
No straight answers given – praise be to context!

They’ve got Joseph Massad and Professor Anne Norton.
But on other hand we’ve got Mark Rowan of Penn Wharton.

Some people think that Zionism is bad.
Well, it’s not, but guess what is?
Hamas stealing fuel and bread.

From the halls of the UN in New York’s Turtle Bay,
Israel’s the devil all the Arab nations say.

Oh what a world we live in now
When rape is a-OK – oh anyhow!
Hamas has built long tunnel-ah
To kidnap Jews and praise Allah.
Mahmoud Abbas just shouts “Huzzah!”
For all the hostages in Gaza.

So ignore the old excuse-ah
And put up that mezuzah!
Eat those cholent stews-ah
And be a proud Jew! (2x)

About the Author
Benjamin Folkinshteyn is an attorney in private practice in the Greater New York area. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Pennsylvania Law School.
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