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The Ballet Company of Gyor Piano performs in Israel

PianoPlays- Photo credit - Vera der

The ballet company of the contemporary Hungarian dance world performed in Israel as part of the events of the “Year of Hungarian Culture” in Israel that exposed the current and kicking action of Hungarian culture and marking of 30 years of diplomatic relationship. The performance included two works, “Piano Plays” and Bolero by Ravel.

Piano Plays, choreographer: Laszlo Velekei

The work was performed in the scenery of an impressive backdrop of wooden roots hanging upside down from the ceiling with lighting games and the sounds of the talented pianist Janos Balazs who played works by Franz Liszt. This dance work is a demonstration of the talent of the dancers when the men in the lower attire present their muscles and masculinity and the women demonstrated their dancing ability. The dance, like the entire show, is characterized by a style that combines classical ballet with modern dance. Subtle movements of ballet in perfect elegance in harmony. Without a doubt, the band showed a superior dancing talent.

The work included moving from the group to couples, with many short scenes expressing love, and a storm. In choreography one could see the game between the admirable figures. A combination of love with power games, a show of muscle strength, courtship, perhaps rejection and even injury to death.

Bolero by Ravel, choreographer: Andras Lukacs.

Bolero by Maurice Ravel is one of the most famous and popular musical works in the world. The work has no plot but only dramatic and enjoyable music. The piece presented a game of black and white, matte and shiny, with a sensual and dramatic dance. The choreography of a group of 10 dancers dressed in uniform – shiny, fluttering black skirts, was full of sensuality in a monotonous, dark and cool ballroom. The amazing choreography won applause from the audience who stood and clapped nonstop!

The Ballet Company of Gyor

Ballet Gyor was founded in 1979 by a group of dancers graduated from the Hungarian Ballet Institute, led by Ivan Marko, formerly in the Maurice Bazar company. Under his leadership, several choreographies of modern dance were created, and the band, which took a central place in the artistic life in Hungary, taught the audience a new and modern dance language. In 1991, with the departure of Ivan Marko, János Kiss was appointed director of the band. Under his leadership, a new era has begun in the history of the band as it continues to preserve traditional elements of dance theater, while adopting a wider range of styles and expanding artistic collaborations with world-renowned artists, composers, stage designers, writers and choreographers. Today the band’s artistic director is Laszlo Velekei.

Disclosure: the author was a guest of the show.

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