John Cronin
John Cronin

The benefits of crystal ball gazing

‘Israel offers $20m to Turkish flotilla victims’                                                Times of Israel: February 3. 2014

Now there’s a pretty penny and no mistake; not too paltry a sum on offer.

I’ll bet the Israeli powers-that-be have long wished that a crystal ball had been available to them just prior to this now infamous incident on the high seas. What with that atrocious public relations disaster that followed, the badly damaged affiliations with a former ally and now this huge pay-out in compensation, timely foreknowledge of such a future might have led events to take a very different course on the day.

But that’s always been the problem with trying to second-guess the future. It does have this unfortunate tendency to work out not quite in the way one would wish for or expect.

Sometimes though, it may be possible to bias circumstances and situations so that whatever tomorrow brings will be less of an unpleasant surprise and much more an expectation of better things to come.

Biasing the future for the optimum result may be considered as something of an art-form.

But can there be any among us without some small reservoir of artistic ability – and the desire to make maximum use of it?



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