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The Bibi nouns

O.K. Let’s put our cards on the table. The prime minister is playing his old tricks again. President Rivlin’s preferred unity government was dying from the very beginning.

Gantz and Netanyahu, leaders of the two largest political parties, met and held conversations in that regard which led nowhere.Bibi used up his 28 days and surrendered his mandate (would that he would surrender his leadership !) It was then given to Benny Gantz who, at this state of affairs, is no more successful in forming a coalition.

52% of our population, according to recent polls, have put all the blame on Bibi Netanyahu. Rightly so !

There are several nouns in the Hebrew language which define him:

Maasei tachbola (sabotage)
Chatranut (subversiveness
Hafra’a (interference)
Chasima (obstruction)

Ben-Yehudah’s Hebrew lexicon can offer many more nouns applicable to Bibi Netanyahu. The above will suffice.

It is loudly whispered for all ears to hear that our prime minister is purposely sabotaging any union of Likud and Kachol-Lavan in order to pursue his chances in a third election this year, unheard of anywhere else in the world.

He has the support of the dominant Sara and the mischievous Yair. What other weapons does he need?

While most Israelis are sick and tired of our national dilemma and prefer not to have a third election, it is nevertheless vital that every qualified voter makes every effort to vote. Every voice must be heard.

American Jews who do not hold dual Israeli citizenship and cannot fly to Israel in order to put a ballot in a box are more and more losing trust in Netanyahu.

His image has lost its once-upon-a-time respect and admiration. American Jews are losing interest in the circus-like politics of Israel.

Two of the candidates for the 2020 presidential elections are Senator Elizabeth Warren of the state of Massachusetts and Senator Bernie Sanders of the state of Vermont.

Both of them have made American aid to Israel as part of their platform. Both are negative. Both want to reduce all aid to Israel. Sanders, a Jew, wants money to be given to Gaza instead of to Israel.

Sanders, as a young man, lived on a Shomer HaTza-ir socialist-communist kibbutz in Israel where he learned his basic understanding of socialism. He represents an American state in upper New England, close to the Canadian border…. A state that has more cows than people.

He should have been a dairy farmer rather than a politician. He could have milked the cows instead of milking the Jews in Israel. God help us all if he could ever be elected president of the USA.

The White House would become the Black House, a sanctuary of broken promises, a sanctuary where the safety and security of his religious homeland no longer exists. A house of horror for Israelis.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has dirt in his background from the day he betrayed Miriam, his first wife. His second wife, a non-Jew from England, was another disaster. And worst of all is the woman who controls his life.

Of Benny Gantz there is no known dirt in his background. He is a faithful and loving family man, a great soldier and defender of Israel. He lacks political experience but so does Donald Trump (not to compare).

But with good advisors and a welcoming Knesset he will serve our country and our people wisely and well.

The nay-sayers condemn him for his consultations with the Arab Joint List. Netanyahu calls them traitors who hate the Zionist state. But he has Zionist-haters among the ultra-orthodox members of his bloc of religious zealots and fanatics who refuse to serve the state by fleeing from compulsive military service.

Gantz had every right to consult with them since they are Israeli citizens and elected members of Knesset. They support their fellow Arabs in Palestine but they themselves prefer to live only with the Jews of the Zionist state of Israel !

The best nouns for Benny Gantz are:

Yashar (straight, honest)
Ne’eman (faithful)
Tuv Lev (good-hearted)
And the Yiddish word Mentch (a real gentleman)

I will vote for the good nouns. As for Bibi’s nouns… dispose of them. They are shockingly true.

And as the old adage reminds us “The truth can hurt”. And it most certainly does !

The first Hebrew prayer I ever learned at age 4 is one which I recite before closing my eyes at night for a quiet sleep,and is appropriate for these sad days.

Shaddai yishmerenu u’matzilenu mi kol ra. Almighty God, watch over us and protect us from all evil.

Who might I have in mind?

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Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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