The Blessing of an Ordinary Day

Today was just another ordinary day.

I had breakfast with my husband. He was not taught that it is okay to beat me. I ate in peace.

I got dressed for work after I ate breakfast. No one told me what to wear.  No extra precautions were taken to assure that only my eyes showed. I dressed in peace.

I left the house by myself. No male relative escorted me. I drove my car. I drove to a job. I drove in peace. I worked in peace.

I drove back home after work. No houses, including mine, had been burned down in my town. No women, children, or men had been slaughtered in my town. I entered my town and my home in peace.

I picked up my child from school. No children crossing the street had a bomb strapped to them or placed in their backpack. I picked up my child in peace.

I sat at my computer to blog. I was not scared that I would receive the sentence of a 1000 severe lashes, 50 every Friday, because of what I wrote. I blogged in peace.

Like I said, it was just an ordinary day. An ordinary day that I cherished with every fiber of my being.

I pray that tomorrow will be another ordinary day.  And I pray for those across the world who would give anything to experience just an ordinary day.

About the Author
Camie Davis is a non-Jewish writer and advocate for Israel.