The Blood of Israel

The funerals are still going on as the television blares the news into my room.  Thousands of Jews from all over the country, religious, secular, young and old in hundreds of buses filled with Israelis from city and town, kibbutz and moshav are flocking to the city of Modi’in, the home of the Maccabees of old, in central Israel, to join with the families of the slaughtered boys. To mourn, to pray, but mostly, to show that we are one family in this tiny Jewish country. These boys were my sons and their families are part of my family-part of the House of Israel.

They were kidnapped almost three weeks ago while hitchhiking for a ride home from the yeshiva where they were studying. No, they were not soldiers in uniforms, they were three high school boys with their book bags slung over their shoulders-perhaps like your boys.  The buses in their area are few and far between and trying to thumb a ride is not unusual in Israel,  I see it here in Maaleh Adumim all the time and we have very good local bus service-it’s a very Israeli thing.

A car pulled up a bit from the boys and seemed to be in some type of mechanical trouble, so the boys, being good Jewish kids, went to see if they could help.  They were grabbed, tossed into the car, and shortly after, shot dead.  Their bodies were burned and buried under a pile of stones in an open field.  That is why there was probably no ransom note, no videotape, no demands made because this was not a usual type of child snatching, this was a planned, systematic murder. There was never any intention to ransom the boys-it was the overriding terror that planned  their deaths.

Hamas does not only call for the destruction of the State of Israel, it calls for the extermination of the Jewish people. Its leadership has time and again, called for Jews to be killed-anywhere and everywhere on the planet. Not just in Israel, it has slain Jews in Europe and has killed, since its beginnings 25 innocent American citizens who were either tourists in Israel like Gail Rubin, the nature photographer who was raped and murdered in the Galillee, and was involved in the massacre of 241 US Marines while they were sleeping in their barracks in Beirut. Hamas used a truck bomb for that.

Yet, the American government, among others, calls for Israel to practice restraint. It should be the American government to practice restraint of its idiotic and incompetent foreign policy in the Middle East that has encouraged Arab terror. Never mind the hundreds of millions of American citizens’ tax dollars that have paid the $3000/month salaries to imprisoned Hamas, PLO and Islamic Jihad prisoners in Israel’s jails. Yes, the so-called “Palestinian Authority” pays these savages when they are released from prison-with the income tax dollars and euros taken from the mouths of American and European hard working people.

But, the Americans and the others aren’t completely to blame-some of our leadership is also guilty of fostering the bloody business of Arab terror. No, not only the treasonous Arab members of the Knesset (Israel’s parliament) but the fellow travelers of the liberal left who refuse to recognize evil and continually push for “dialogue.” One doesn’t debate with a viper, you either kill it, or it kills you.

Oh, I know, all this has been written and said before. When the Fogel family was slain in their beds, when their infant in his father’s arms had its throat slit, when the son of the Mandell family, Koby (also an American citizen) was killed by the stones used to crush his skull, and when a four year old Israeli girl had her brains splattered against a boulder on the beach at Naharriyah, we in Israel cried to the heavens. We begged for understanding of our plight and we called on the civilized world to recognize the sinister character of the enemy. It appears that less then a score of years that have passed since that terrible September 11th, that the West has forgotten the dangers of Islamist terror. Well, this might be understandable considering that there are voices that deny the Holocaust of less than a century ago. Cowardice, it appears, has no time clock.

So, what is the answer to pernicious hatred? Israel can bomb Gaza to rubble if it chooses, we can announce the extension of Israeli law and restore our sovereignty over Yehudah and Shomron, but that won’t stop terror-it won’t encourage it either.  Haters don’t need a reason for their bigotry for hatred is always irrational. It does not respond to reason, it only reacts with venom.

Sure, there are steps the Israel Defense Force and the Shin Bet(Israel’s version of the FBI) can take, but they will be fruitless unless they are powerful enough to destroy Hamas completely. Not to act in this manner will be seen as weakness and impotence in the face of savage murder.

In every generation, the Torah states, Amalek( the symbolic foe of the Jewish people)  will rise to do battle with the Jewish people. This is our challenge and our battle for survival. There can be no limits placed on the tools necessary to eradicate the terrorist enemies of Israel. For by their actions, they have put themselves beyond the realm of civilized society and therefore, they must be fought with all the weapons at our disposal.

This is not revenge, this is justice and the pursuit of justice, The Bible tells us, “Tzedek, tzedek tirdof.”-“Justice, justice  thou shall pursue.”

There is a word in Hebrew-“Din”, it means “Judgement.” In the language of my land, there is an ancient phrase-“Dam Israel Noke’am.”- “The blood of Israel shall seek vengeance.” The first letters of these three words, in Hebrew, spell “DIN”-JUDGEMENT.”

It is time for DAM ISRAEL NOKE’AM!

About the Author
Irwin was born in New York City and is now retired. He lives in Maaleh Adumim since making aliyah 7 years ago.
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