The bystander effect

There was this boy I knew in grade school, lets call him Joe Smith. Joe was born into a bad home and on the wrong side of the tracks. He went through such trauma before finally being adopted by a nice couple. Years later, his father was in a fast food restaurant eating chicken. The place was packed! Suddenly, he began to choke on a piece of chicken!! Everyone saw, but not one person came to his aide. He died there that night! This situation is unfortunately common. The reason people do not help is simple, everyone else thinks that someone else will do it. Its called the by stander effect, and its deadly. Mental health is being treated this way in the Jewish community and beyond. We have a multitude of sick people and everyone seems to be good with just standing by because it’s someone else’s job. The Torah says that we are commanded to do the opposite.



About the Author
Jonah Sanderson is a Los Angeles based Rabbinical student and fervent advocate for mental health and suicide prevention. After the untimely death of his friend in June, Jonah spurred into action creating programs that address how to cope with the biggest epidemic in modern history. In his spare time, he cooks, bakes, and drinks only the best and weirdest craft beer.