Uri Hirsch
Uri Hirsch

The California Tragedy

The current governor of California has survived a recall election and will continue to govern the state at least until the end of his term. This in itself is the tragedy — end of story.

However, from someone who lived in California for 40 years prior to making aliyah to Israel, I can tell you that today’s California is not at all like it was in yesteryear. Perhaps all the fires, earthquakes and flooding that have occurred there are a heavenly sign that something is terribly wrong in that most beautiful of states. There is!

Aside from the terms of past governors like Pat Brown and Ronald Reagan, the recent state administrations have, perhaps, unwittingly or because of their inept policies continuously degraded the quality of life in California. I used to be a registered Democrat, but then in 2001 woke up to the fact that despite some good things that Democrats believed in they were not in tune with Conservative ideas that allow for progress in business, welfare and in the people in general.

The justice system, for example, began to favor the criminal over the victim. In workmen’s compensation laws the policies favored the fraudulent employee even when he was wrong in a dispute with the employer. The latter cost the employer many thousands of extra dollars and made it more difficult to conduct business in that state. Insurance rates in almost every field increased exponentially as well. Illegal immigrants were granted rights that belonged to legitimate citizens. Antisemitism has flourished in areas that were thriving Jewish enclaves which in turn contributed to the welfare of the state. Homelessness has grown out of all proportion in upscale neighborhoods. These are just some of the problems that current governors like Newsom have propagated.

What then is the solution? Unless a Conservative government will be able to turn things around, California will continue to deteriorate and will continue to see a drain of its most valuable industries and population.

I just wonder what California would look like if the Silicon Valley and Film industries would suddenly up and leave for greener pastures? Would a Newsom-like governor wake up then?

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M.Ed from a leading U.S. university. English instructor. Former Gabai in U.S. and Israeli synagogues. Lover of Israel. Member of the politically right in Israel.
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